Music - what do you listen to while Nodding?


I was wondering what other people listened to when searching on tomnod, if anything. TBH I love to listen to Kanye West idk why.


I listen to '30s and '40s music while nodding.


Ed Sheeran, One Republic, Elbow, Underworld, my Niece, pan pipe music, Carmina Burana, Enigma, whatever takes my mood basically. I have a wide and eclectic taste in music and a very long playlist on youtube which is a complete mixture of classic/rock/pop/etc played in no particular order.

I did contemplate listening to audio books while I nod, but was afraid I’d get way too distracted and forget to tag anything :smiley:


:radio: Christian Contemporary (of course), and I am a baby boomer so 70’s & 80’s and Southern Rock are my go to genre’s. :cd:


my bad, I forgot to mention the Moody Blues.


I enjoy listening to post rock (DoMakeSayThink, Sigur Ros etc)… but sometimes I mix it up and put on the 007 soundtrack and listen to all of the epic movie theme songs :headphones:

Maybe in the future I’ll try listening to music from whatever country we’re Nodding in :notes:


I listen to C-Span!

Sometimes I listen to audio books, instead.


Sorry for the late reply, but I just found/made my way to this post. I usually don’t listen to anything, but on a rare occasion I’ll play some Celtic music (slow, relaxing to help me nod off…er, nod), some 50’s & 60’s Rock & Roll (mostly the slower stuff however), and sometimes some country music (again, the slower stuff). I figure if I play something more lively, I’ll grab the wife (or the mop if she’s not around) and start dancing. That would take me away from nodding, so that would never do! :wink:


And it’s probably what did your back in Jim7 . . . so put the wife er mop down and get back to nodding.

I doubt your wife would object to a little slow dancing along to some of that slow Celtic/Rock/Country music. Nice bit of light exercise for your back too :wink:


It really depends on the time of day… I’m pretty eclectic…

I have Rhapsody music service, so I have both “channel” and “individual artist” selection possibilities.
Early mornings mostly “Power Blues” Led Zeppelin, Robin Trower, Rory Gallagher, Gary Clark Jr, etc.
Mid-Day It can either be “Grunge” (Soundgarden, Screaming Trees, Mudhoney etc) or “Trip-Hop” (Massive Attack, Portishead, Tricky, etc.)
Evenings I can bounce all over from Classical (Ravel, Carl Orff, etc.) to Hard Rock to Blues/Jazz (Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck, etc.) and back or all of the above, the possibilities are endless :smiley:


Of your list, I can recall Led Zeppelin and Miles Davis. Although I will listen to many different genre of music at different times, I really don’t get too much into the names of artists/bands/groups unless a particular piece really captivates me. Maybe I’m stuck in a melodramatic rut? :expressionless:


A Michael Jackson Song On The Piano. :astonished:


Maybe Tomnod in the future will “pipe in” some Music from Space into the API platform? Methinks Nodders would have ideas for what gadgets they could add to the next satellite they build?

Now, before someone says there is no sound in space, listen to the electromagnetic vibrations NASA captured and transformed into sound. Every planet and the sun makes their own distinctive vibrations! Take a listen!


Here are some Aussie-inspired playlists to listen to while we map away in Australia. You can listen for free but you have to create an account on Spotify:

Do you have any Australian favorites?


During the day I listen to my 2-year old granddaughter singing nursery rhymes. But after the girls have gone to bed, I don’t listen to music - I just “get into” serious nodding! Heck, I don’t even listen to the wife when she talks to me! :wink:

Edited: Does it count as “listening” to music if it’s in your head? Most of the time after my granddaughters have fallen asleep and I’m nodding, all that seems to be going through my head are nursery rhymes. “My favorites” (the ones I find myself humming and/or singing to myself) are, “Johny, Johny, Yes Papa,” “Eight Little Monkeys (jumping on the bed),” “The Wheels On The Bus” plus a few more. :expressionless:


Here are some Ethiopian suggestions from colleagues in Ethiopia:

Anything by Teddy Afro: “Ayene Hulgize”, “Tikur Sew”, “Lambadina”, "Abugida"
Mahmoud Ahmed - “Tizita”
“Sawa Sawa Sawale” -

This YouTube playlist is pretty good too:


This thread from 3 years ago, by request from Doug. :wink:



Wonder who adopted Lamb Chop?
" The sock puppet, best known for starring in PBS’ " Lamb Chop’s Play-Along" with Shari Lewis , is performing this weekend at the Wisconsin State Fair. Shari Lewis passed away 12 years ago; her daughter, Mallory Lewis , now performs with the puppet she considers to be her sister.Aug 6, 2010 "



I think that you misunderstood… but I listened to both because you went to such trouble… I hope @Jim7 shows those to the kids… ha…

Thought I would listen to some quieter stuff that I like from the Piano Guys…

Who let the raptors out?


One of the albums I listen to is Brian Eno’s Ambient 1: Music For Airports. I find it deeply soothing and have it on a loop as Eno intended it. If I have had a stressful work day it is nice to play in the evenings. Of course, other days I choose something entirely different, depending on my mood.