Mysterious emails being sent out / email issues


yesterday i received a “welcome mail” stating:
“Welcome to digitalglobe-crowd:
Your new account will work for both the GlobalXplorer and Tomnod applications.
If you are having any issues with your account, please don’t hesitate to contact us by replying to this mail.”

But i have been a member for a long time already, what is this?

To make matters more interesting, i tried to reply to the e-mail and received a error mail in return stating that my email to the email list(!) was rejected due to it being a spam mail?

I have noticed that multiple people have complained about the same on Twitter, yet there has not been any official response to this.

Whats going on?



It looks like Tomnod might be gearing up for this:

GlobalXplorer blog series, part 1: monitoring and preventing looting in Peru

This partnership with Dr. Sarah Parcak has been in the works for a while during 2016.

I’d be tickled pink… looks like you (and others) might have been on the front end of email testing for the new project. At least, that is my best guess for now.

:smiley: Stay tuned. :smiley:


I, too, got the suspicious Welcome to the digitalglobe-crowd" email…
which suggested i REPLY to

to inquire, instead i typed "" in the TO:
but that email bounced due to “spam profile”

is it real or is it memorex ?



Yup! I got one as well on 2 Jan. I just flagged it (but not as spam) and I figured I’d leave it alone without opening it until I got some info on about it - one way or another. If you recall, a while back Tomnod had mentioned something regarding an upgrade to security - logging in/our data. There was another company mentioned - which I checked out - and to which I did visit its website. For the life of me, now I can’t remember what the company’s name is! I think I’m starting to get what is called “senior moments!” :scream:


Hi all. The email you received was a mistake on our side. It occurred as I was working on this update to Tomnod

The email was sent out in error and can be ignored for now. You might see a followup email to all users soon explaining the mistake.

The mistaken email does point to some exciting things we are working on launching very soon :wink:


@Jon_Saints @cageycat

Jon, Not knowing that the email was a mistake, I responded to the invitation and was approached to be a beta tester for this new program. - bob


If you go to the GlobalXplorer blog, you can request to be a Beta Tester just through signing up to receive emails. Nodders might be sleuthing out the upcoming surprises LOL