Never or rarely posted? You can earn some badges right quick!


Practically every action can earn a badge! From my count, there are at least 12 beginner badges. Take a look :eyes:
(No, unfortunately, leaving cookies for the Moderators is not one of the badges.)

Read the Community Guidelines – badge!

Fill out your profile— badge!

Reply to this post (badge), and use an Emoji— get another badge! We got lots of emojis up there! (Don’t laugh at the brown 4-legged cat. Wrong color! Should be black.)

Reply to a person using @ in front of their screenname— get a badge! (If you need a name, address it to @HappyMapper – she’d love to hear you say “hey”, “hi”, “hello”, or “Whatsup?”

Ooooo— pick an old thread with 100 or more posts— such as Introductions – and dang, get that badge!

Would love to see ya.

CageyCat :heart_eyes_cat:

:cake: anyone?


Do you get one for leaving catnip for the mods? :wink:


mew! Alas, no. (But it is very welcome in the Catnip Lounge!!)


Nice try, Helen! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: