New badges earned


What a great surprise @Shaul, Congrats!


Congratulations Shaul! Tomnod/Discourse software moves in mysterious ways - sometimes when you’re sure you should have gained a badge it doesn’t give one out, and other times it grants them out of the blue… :smiley:


Congratulations, Shaul! :smiley:


I remember that @Shaul…another badge mystery! Congratulations! :tada:


yay Yaaay, congratulations Shaul :smile:
Which one are you aiming for next :thinking:


Just received another anniversary badge this morning. It’s been 3 years already? Wow, has time flown by so quickly! I guess that’s why they (my gypsy BIL) say, “Life is like a roll of toilet paper… The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes.” :laughing:


That’s one I haven’t heard before. Will have to remember :joy:


You should have received it 3 times already. I just looked at the date you joined the forum and it was in June, 2015. :thinking:



@Jim7 is correct. On your Anniversary badge, it shows the number 3 in the right top corner. The badge stays B&W, since it can be earned every year. Anyway, you have earned it each year. :smiley:


When I mentioned that some badges were B&W, @Mel_Nod informed me that was Discourse’s version of “silver.” :smiley: :wink:


For all of us silver-haired folks?


My wife’s hair is “platinum blonde!” :roll_eyes: I’m still “salt & pepper” with a touch of blonde - ever since I was a child, the sun would bleach some locks of hair on one side and when I combed it back, it would blend in and some people thought I had my hair streaked blonde by a hair stylist. :angry: I’d just tell them, “Nope! It’s naturally sun-bleached.” Funny how my hair started out “dirty blonde”, then darkened to a light brown (with blonde streaks), then got a darker brown (with blonde streaks), and now it “salt & pepper” (with blonde streaks). What a colorful head of hair I’ve had over the years! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Jim, I think Kate was referring to your toilet paper quote not the badge :laughing:
I’ve never heard of it either…'tis one to add to my collection for future use :wink:


Sounds just like mine Jim :smile: I’d love to just dye it “platinum blonde” and be done with it but the kids would be in uproar…they say I look too young yet … think I’m at that awkward cross-road in life between middle-aged and old and the kids refuse to let me cross over :roll_eyes:


Don’t go into the light! :anguished: :rofl:


After re-reading you reply, I figured I’d better tell you… my wife didn’t dye her hair. That’s how it grayed - naturally. It all turned to snow white or as I tell her and other people (with a smirk), “platinum blonde.” Everyone loves her “color” and are envious that she doesn’t have to dye her roots or do any dyeing to keep a solid color. :wink:


Well with a new account comes another round of discobot, badges etc. :rofl:


Last night my son wanted to know if I was classed as a “senior citizen” shock


Funny how my wife used to say you weren’t a “senior” until you turned 65. But when she started seeing a lot of companies giving perks to those 55 and older, suddenly 55 was okay to be a senior. :confused:

You could always tell your son, “Yes, I’m a senior citizen… Be extra nice to me.” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


hehehe Everybody gets to “heart” more.