New campaign: Tonga, Cyclone Gita


Hello nodders!
I just posted a new campaign to the homepage:

DigitalGlobe has launched an Open Data event for Cyclone Gita over the islands of Tonga. We are providing free access to imagery, and starting a Tomnod campaign to map damage.

Join us in mapping damaged/flooded buildings and roads to provide a free point dataset alongside the imagery. And let me know how the campaign is running here.
Thank you, volunteers!


Woops, can’t seem to delete an incorrect tag placed…and they’re so tiny :blush:


Just started to look at this… the damaged building tag is very small! I mean really teeny tiny small…
Spot the tag in this picture… :eyes:


Ack you’re all right — let me look into it! The votes are coming through but the tags are super small…


Don’t forget we can’t delete tags dropped in error . . . I dragged the map across screen without turning off the tag . . . twice :blush:


That’s the most important one, @EmeraldEyes!


Just an observation - there’s so much reconstruction/new building going on it’s hard to tell in sat images what’s damage and what’s new building. I’ve noticed quite a few dwellings have double in size since the 2015 before image :thinking:


Whew I think it is fixed! Thank you loyal tomnodders for alerting me!! You may need to refresh your window to see the change if you are already working.

I noticed the same thing @EmeraldEyes, the new construction. Makes it difficult to know. Do your best as I know you always do!


Just caught this about 45 minutes ago, when I finished working Real early here about 2am Saturday… I agree with some comments, but haven’t seen tiny markers… so that seems to be fixed… Took a bit to get to clear images but that is post storm normal… My eyes are blurry after a full day but I started marking things I’m pretty sure of… will go back after some sleep but I think that the detail is limited and that makes it hard to read a few structures… So I’m sticking to facts rather than speculation… debris fields help… but sometimes it’s hard to tell where it came from… deep down I believe first passes should focus on locating areas of damage, especially isolated structures… towns can usually see the damage early on… but remote areas don’t and people might not be able to report it.
Anyway… will try my best again. At least the country isn’t that big… a good thing.


Wow, the satellite musta woke up on the wrong side of Earth, furthest away from Tonga!

@Mel_Nod tell the Engineers you’ve got a satellite suffering from “Standoffish Syndrome”!


  • refuses to get up close and personal
  • has long-eye-itis with shielding of the lens
  • protects its own “eye” even if it hurts Nodders’ eyes
  • produces dollhouse miniatures on a distant landscape!

Standoffish Syndrome makes me wonder if the satellite was distracted, indisposed, feeling depressed and distant, or tired and sluggish? Could you upload the newest Geritol Bytes once a day… or retask to get bigger sights?

(mumbling: Never seen a 4-eyed cat in my life! Might have to get a magnifier set of glasses though.)

:cat: :eyeglasses:

swats at :artificial_satellite:


Could we have a “Flooded Field or Forest Stand” tag? This article says all the timber / wood they use to keep warm and to cook is too wet to burn. DG images show large wet patches across fields and tree areas.

Article also says the hardest hit areas are in the west. If we just knew which way is West on the sat images…


I’m just waking up again… have a lot of things to do today…
Did some tagging last night er… early this morning that is.
Just took a moment to orient to what I saw that session…
GE tells me that the images I was working are up on the NE corner…If you consider tonga a U. Those were North Up… pretty much… so the west side would be the arm of the U to the left of center. seems largely about 41 ft ASL average… the highest land I could find was SE of the airport at the bottom of the U shape.
Almost 220 ft ASL for a small area. NE arm seems back to the 40 ft at least inland… I don’t know how many versions there may be, I just see the early but ‘fixed’ first offering… Back in a while.


Hi there! I’m new and haven’t written an intro post yet, but I wanted to add my voice to the request to enable removing tags. On the taggers’ part, this may happen a lot as we click on new map blocks twice by accident. And they end up being a confounder in the final damage assessment. Thanks and excited to be here!


Hi there… I’m just finishing a session checking up on how bad I was seeing early this morning.
Glad to say while I’m still fuzzy on some things, I’m happy with others that were questionable then… Added a bunch more tags… and had no problem removing them.
In fact I was having a hard time keeping up as something was creating them as I moved the cursor even without clicking.

Anyway @Jan_Rydzak Welcome aboard… I believe you are referring to the marker circles we can place… tags… If you make an error or it was ‘done for you’ or even just change your mind about whether or even just where… if you go back to the marker and select it you will find a small white X in the upper right (at least on mine) just click on that an it should vanish… You only see the ones placed by you and can only X them… I believe the information is retained and noted as removed or something to keep it out of the count.
Even if you place / move it several times… all but the active one are then ignored.

I had much better luck today with the eyesight… I hooked up the 40 inch HD TV again to the computer… lot better than the 10 inch screen. And Mel seems to have many of the glitches if not all fixed or improved. I do have to take some breaks to do household and business things but I’ll be back later on…


Hi @Jan_Rydzak Welcome!

Doug already answered about the tags (thank you!). I wanted to clarify a couple things.

You have to be on the tag you placed to see the white X. Just scoot or swipe your cursor over the tag until you see it (top, right) on the circle.

(We call ourselves Nodders…) Any action a Nodder does with the maps are recorded. Removed tags are recorded in the database, but are not counted in the final product. Unchanged tags are counted when there is high consensus – when your tags match other Nodders’ tags. They want / hope for a x10 consensus but often in campaigns you’ll see tags that have 50 or 60 votes (those are important in the final product because of the high confidence).

I’m one of two Forum Moderators. @AKE235 is the other Moderator. Let us know if we can help. We also have many experienced Nodders who can answer questions, and typically, someone checks the forum every couple hours or sooner throughout the day and night.

@Mel_Nod is our Staff member. She takes care of getting campaigns ready and announced, checking on our complaints / suggestions, and getting things fixed up for us.

Again, welcome aboard!


Hey! I was working… originally on the east half of Tonga… then next time the codes are bringing me to the west side (not a problem) but what became of the east side.
I hope that is being upgraded… or else I’m gong nuts. which is highly probable.

Anyhow I’m invested… in the east. but will work where ever…

Re the markers… I did say to select them (hooking) with means to contact with the cursor the object you want to hook… maybe mouse over is closer but not to older users… sorry about that… I will refine my definitions… still asleep is the excuse.

Forget the whole thing… I was looking too far back… Everything was on Saturday… ha ha… told you I was very tired…


Will try again… I found part of what I was working along that right edge currently showing on the new map… but can’t access anything east of that… so something did change and may be back… I will work away from the right edge since I don’t want to mess up my early work there… but much is back… but not done any more… sigh.


Making progress on the shifted map… some duplicated, but some new stuff. Lots of empty areas too. Note that often there is no usable OLD image due to cloud. I’ve gone over to using GE running in another window and available… helps a bit.


They are the areas I always make a b-line for in these campaigns. Ok, it may seem like a waste of valuable time trawling through endless tiles of fields and such with very little to tag. But as you say, the remote areas may be cut off from emergency services and fewer people on the ground to help and may be without any forms of communications.


Though it’s not an issue now that the delete option is on. Just something to remember about placing accidental tags, for a tag to count in the final damage assessment there needs to be a consensus of 10 votes from other nodders (volunteers on TN). So if you accidentally place a tag, even whilst dragging the map around the screen, it’s highly unlikely anyone else is going to tag that spot in the middle of a field or whatever, therefore it will automatically be dismissed in the final result even if you don’t delete it :wink: