New campaign: Tonga, Cyclone Gita


Hello again, everyone!

Thank you, Doug, @cageycat, and @EmeraldEyes for the warm welcome to the Nodder community! All of your advice is greatly appreciated, and I see I am able to cancel accidental tags now as well. Many thanks; I’m up to 200 maps as of now.

I’ve been involved in a couple of Standby Task Force deployments and have a small amount of experience in remote sensing, so I’m not a full-on novice, but I learn from every community I join and this work is incredibly engaging.

I might have missed it (I blame “doctoral fatigue”), but is there a predetermined end date for the campaign? Or is it just once enough consensus has been built up on a critical mass of buildings/roads?

Thanks and all the best,


PS Likely to change my handle once I settle in, in which case I will likely appear as “Calavero” or just “Jan.”


Campaigns generally end when Tomnod gets enough consensus.

Or when the requesting entity thinks they have what they need.

Or (infrequently) when Nodder fatigue especially on longer campaigns makes continuing more difficult. At the same time, tenacity is one of Nodders’ strong points and we’ve all been known to just push through a boring set of maps to get as much done as we could.

What’s your doctoral thesis about, if I can ask?


And some campaigns…well…namely Hurricane Maria…have been left up just because! :smirk:

Well, actually its because there are some who’d like to continue exploring the area; others, new to TN and nodding (a more technical term escapes me :wink: ) just find it useful to hone their skills purely for lack of any new campaigns.

In saying all that, I think Antarctica’s Weddell seals campaign must surely be the longest running by now :sweat_smile:


@Mel_Nod, how many maps are there in this campaign?


Welcome @Jan_Rydzak, thank you for working on our Tonga campaign!

@shaul we have 36,304 map squares on 6 image strips in this campaign. Some is still cloudy, as I’m sure you’ve discovered!

There will be some overlap between images on this campaign, so if you find yourself in a familiar place, that may be the reason. We realize this isn’t ideal, but it can actually help us get better data. THANK you volunteers!!


Well that explains the touch of deja-vu I experienced earlier today, now I know why :smiley:


Hey! I’m still working on Maria. It will be nice when we get a finished map of the entire country. I would hope this would still be useful for the rebuilding efforts. (I’m about to create kateg12)


OMG, 12 ??!! You sure have stuck with that campaign!


Ahh! So I’m not losing my mind when I recognized a very unusual set of buildings on a different map piece! It really was the same buildings!

Question… when I finish a map and click on priority area, or when I sign in again, I’m directed to map tiles I’ve already done. I’ve finished a few map sections and am nowhere near the amount of tiles mentioned so I know there’s more new stuff to look at. I have to click a number of times (8… 10… more…) to get to a new-to-me tile. How come I can’t just arrive on a map tile that I haven’t already covered? I’ve never had this happen on other campaigns.


@Mel_Nod: Thank you again, glad to be here!

@cageycat: Sure thing. My thesis is on the socioeconomic and political effects of deliberate Internet blackouts (shutdowns). I’m mostly focusing on what happens to protest when a means of communication and coordination like access to the Internet or social media is taken away. These things happen much more often than most people imagine, with more than 100 blackouts of varying duration in the past year alone (see for ongoing coverage). I’m looking at the statistical side of things for the most part, though my heart lies in fieldwork.

The focus on this actually indirectly led me here. :slight_smile: I started covering these disruptions a few years ago, then attended a screening of a fascinating Japanese documentary on crowdsourcing and big data analysis in disasters, and recently I decided to delve deeper. I would love to continue learning about how this kind of imagery and other data can be used for analysis in humanitarian action, human rights etc. And it helps to have a passionate community!

Well, that was a bit long and self-absorbed. :stuck_out_tongue: Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about it! (I think that’s possible? :no_mouth: ) In the meantime… back to nodding!


Very neat work, @Jan_Rydzak!!

@kateg :purple_heart: that you are still working on Puerto Rico. I just looked at the data yesterday and saw there were new points from my last export!! Must be your fabulous work. I also dream of getting the whole island mapped. Thanks for sticking with it, especially through the technical and other issues we had :grimacing:

@Samantha, a couple things could be going on. One, our QC algorithm, that makes sure you go to a new, unsearched spot, isn’t running as frequently right now. It’s one of our top priorities to get fixed. But, it also could be a possibility that the campaign is getting to be complete; the whole area is not too large (~800 km2). I will export the data tomorrow morning and see how we are doing. Thanks all!!


@Mel_Nod Thank you! What I did last night was bookmark a tile when I finally got a new map so I can return to that spot. It’s a good campaign :slight_smile:


That’s what a lot of us OCD’s do 'cos we can’t bare to leave a map incomplete :smiley:


Another reason for this could be that a little sliver of tile has been missed, particularly on sloping edges such as the example I’ve circled in the image below.

This is the little sliver * ( * and of course you don’t realise it’s been missed as naturally the tile is opened up when you are taken to it :roll_eyes: :smile: They’ve caught me out many a time…just like tonight :confounded:


Thanks @EmeraldEyes… Ah yes, the little bitty map sections on the edges. I do go around a map edge and get all those first, because I’m coughOCDcough about those things. The software’s usually popping me into the middle of the map somewhere. Tonga’s kinda tiny so I looked at and I think I’ve seen the whole main island at least twice in some overlap. Quite interesting to see the South Pacific this way. :slight_smile:


Hi all! Is the campaign over? I can’t seem to add any more tags; the cursor just changes to the default cursor that is used to drag the map.

EDIT: Seems to be working now! disappears in cloud of smoke


It works for me. Maybe your problem is that sometimes when you’re trying to put a tag outside of the tile in the center, it doesn’t stick? I don’t know when and why that happens, and it only happens sometimes.


Yes, you’ll get those occasionally; it usually helps if you dragged your target more into the centre of the screen. I think this little glitch tends to occur as your tile/tag numbers increase…along with slowing down loading and with zooming (seriously slow if you zoom out beyond -3…in that instance, you may as well go make yourself a cup of tea/coffee :sweat_smile:). And you start getting such messages as this :roll_eyes: even when running it under Google Chrome “Incognito” it seems now :confounded:

Hey @Mel_Nod; at the risk of appearing greedy, you know we all got that “Tenacious Tomnodder” badge not so long ago; well maybe there should be a Perseverance badge for passing that test too :rofl:


But then again, maybe that badge needs to be going to Tonga itself :frowning_face: After looking at some of it’s recent historical weather disasters, I’m beginning to understand why I see so much new building going on. It seems to be a regular occurance . . . wipe out…re-build; wipe out…re-build; wipe out…re-build :astonished:

When I think of all the “stuff” we’ve accumulated in our marriage; all the nick-knacks and memorabilia and the “might come in handy’s” cluttering up the place and gathering dust, I can’t help wondering if we’d be less inclined materialistic if our homes were wiped out once a year :hushed:


Hi @EmeraldEyes, I hate the unresponsive pages notification :angry: I usually get it with a busy campaign when I try to load the campaign. I wait it out and will go to a different campaign, if there is one or check my email or take a nap :sleeping: Sooner or later it will load (usually) :grin: