New campaign: Tonga, Cyclone Gita


So far I’ve found five image strips, but I’ve only visited 7.21k map squares:

  • The whole island, time stamped 2/13/2018 at 10:39 PM UTC;
  • The eastern part of the island, 2/13/2018 at 10:38 PM UTC;
  • The eastern part of the island, 2/13/2018 at 9:49 PM UTC;
  • Almost the whole island, but the western-most and eastern-most parts are cut off, 2/13/2018 at 9:51 PM UTC
  • The eastern part of the island, 2/13/2018 at 9:51 PM UTC.

@Mel_Nod, do you have a web address to a map square in the sixth image strip, as I don’t seem to be able to find it? Is the total number of map squares really 36,304; that seems to be a lot, as the map of the whole island contained less than 2k map squares? Why are some of the different image strips time stamped with the same time, or with only one minute difference; what difference are you hoping to see in those image strips - not even the clouds will move very far in one minute?


Hi all!! We’ve completed the Tonga campaign. THANK YOU for your work - excellent and very fast effort! I am working on getting the data posted to our Open Data site if anyone is interested in the output. Here is a screenshot: red are damaged buildings, yellow are damaged roads.

Shout out for survey participants! We need your help!

Wow, that was fast work by everyone! :smiley: Thanks Mel for posting the results for all to see… whatever the job is, it’s always good to see the “finished product” that you’ve been working on.

Back to the seals for me then… :eyes:


That’s awesomesauce! Good job, Nodders! Thank you @Mel_Nod!

Onward we go…:desktop_computer::computer_mouse:


Ain’t THAT the truth! I moved 2300 miles end of last summer after living in one spot for 13 years. Oy the accumulation!


Wouldn’t you know, I finally get free of my to do list… and get back only to find it is completed… @Mel_Nod or anyone… are those dots 10x only consensus… I’m pretty sure I found clear damage in some undotted areas… as I was moving… maybe not enough consensus… Anyway good work all. Another question… I assume the task was for the main island, but a little browsing GE and with help from Wikipedia…
… Tonga is supposed to be composed of 170 or so islands… and I could see with GE that there were structures on some of the major ones… but I can also see that there wasn’t a lot of population… perhaps seasonal camps or something? The sort of thing EE and I mentioned… remote but well documented and checked on sort of thing… Not something that would benefit from TN observation… they are rather scattered… might not have even been affected by the storm…


And don’t forget the Hurricane Maria campaign! We are still (only) at 41% completion there!


Yes! Thank you @shaul, there should be new tagging to be done still in Maria. I had a couple hiccups with imagery and etc along the way, which is one reason this campaign is lagging. Thanks for continuing to look at it.

@Doug4: the Gita campaign did reach an average of 10x consensus. This doesn’t mean that every single tag has 10 tags, but the average tag does. We have a QC algorithm running on all our campaigns that assess which tags need to be looked at again and which don’t. So, for example, of the 990 final tags in this campaign, there are six tags that only three people agreed on, but they are highly reliable people and tags. There are 85 tags that have over 20 agreements, because they were deemed to be controversial, so were shown to many people. The majority of our tags are somewhere in between.

The data is posted if you want to see it!
It is in geojson format, which can be opened by qgis or arcgis and from there, either looked at or saved into a spreadsheet for more fun.


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