New Fun Campaign - Baseball!


Does @cageycat have anything to do with this? :thinking::smile_cat:


Looks like we may need a fourth option: “used to be a baseball field” for the old Astrodome. :slight_smile: #NeverSettle #GoStros



@Mel_Nod, on the page it says that the campaign has been active for 41 days, but that isn’t correct – the correct number should be six or seven, right?


Hi @Shaul
Yes, those stats are always a little goofy unfortunately. I know why this one is wrong, however. We have a bug in the web page, where the campaign that was created the most recently appears as the big header campaign. In order to put a newer campaign below the header, I need to manually change the created date, which then throws off this stat. I wanted to keep seals on the top of the page so moved back the baseball campaign to pre-seals.

I’m not sure when/if those stats will get fixed, I have it on the list of bugs but since it’s not really causing problems (other than confusion :thinking: ) it’s a little lower priority than some others.


I could be wrong but I seem to recall when HappyMapper posted fun campaigns in the past, they were somehow separated and only accessed through the forum here. Whether that was to avoid this bug I’m sure.

Yellowstone Park is one I was thinking of.

@cageycat can you correct me if I’m wrong, you always remember these things better than I do :slight_smile:


Ah, you’re right @EmeraldEyes, that would certainly keep this bug from happening since the campaign wouldn’t hit the front page at all.

AND, it might drive new traffic to the forum! :bulb: :thinking: GREAT memory and feedback, thanks!


Oh oh! Em is remembering stuff! :laughing: :roll_eyes: :innocent:


Ah there’s hope for me yet…something went into my brain and actually took the time to stick :laughing:


Yes, fun campaigns were small areas of one loccation, and just for Nodders. There was no ‘reason’, except to let us look around. And there were dummy tags if we wanted to tag something interesting, but not like the tags in a real campaign. We looked around in Madagascar. and Yellowstone area are 2 that I remember. Lots of jagged peaks in both, and pines in Yellowstone. :wink:


Great pic:


another great photo:


Mel, I’m still working Maria as well. Think that there might be an issue. I can’t enter the campaign. my stats are (top of my head) approx. 6k tiles, 40k tags and 17k agrees. I’ve tried all available browsers, Mozilla, Chrome and Edge and same results. When it would load, it would take anywhere from 4 to 16 hours to load. - AKE


Did you try load in Chrome “Incognito”? I’ve only done a fraction of yours and I find it sloooow loading without using Incognito :sleeping:


I notice the only campaign that comes up for me is the Baseball campaign. Not sure if it is the same issue. @Mel_Nod


Hurricane Maria takes about 2 minutes to load for me. I think it is the cache is what is taking so long. I have checked 8.67k tiles, but my tag count and consensus scores were reset to “0” and 10088 respectively. I’ll have to see if these change as I move along.
EDIT: The stats for “Consensus” is correct. I do remember when they hit 10k, but the number of tags is the only stat reset to zero. :thinking:


when I go into Tomnod…only the baseball campaign is available?


I just opened a new tab, typed in and on the home page it shows the Baseball fun campaign, but if you scroll down to current campaigns it does show Hurricane Maria. Here’s the stats from the home page for H. Maria:

Hurricane Maria
10x Coverage
58% Complete
58% searched
33,450 km2 area
1,415 taggers
228 days active


Thank you!!! You are right! I was looking for it in the “wrong place”…senior moment! :thinking:


@AKE235 unfortunately I think @EmeraldEyes’s suggestion is the best one - to use incognito. This campaign has really been around a while with quite a lot of tags placed. We are getting into that critical slowness territory, but I’d really like to finish it out if possible! One of the downsides of the current iteration of Tomnod is how slow these tagging campaigns get. Thanks for working!


We just plug along, no matter how fast or slow. Besides, there’s so much to tag, once it gets loaded, being a little slow doesn’t really matter in the long run - just as long as it doesn’t take hours as Bob (@AKE235) said happened to him. In my case, it was two minutes to first load, then worked okay but was just a little slow centering the tile when using the arrow keys. Once in a while it did snap me up or down to a tile on the next row. Checked that one out and moved back down to the row I was working on. Just keep plugging along. Besides, my mother always told me I had the patience of a saint. I wish my DIL had even half of that. :roll_eyes: :laughing: