New Zealand Earthquake - TECHNICAL ISSUE


New and Old maps are the same: @HappyMapper

Have checked several and am not finding an old map anywhere!

Thanks in advance!
Pastor Ruth


Same exact problem here. Really frustrating! :persevere:


The dates in the box in the lower right corner change, but the picture doesn’t.
How do you find changes with nothing to compare against???


@HappyMapper is probably on top of it… they open a couple of time zones after us out west. I would mark the grossly obvious and there was a lot that I stumbled over. Remembering that this is a pretty environmental region and that it also has areas where it is very rural and secondary roads may not all be paved… if I saw a damaged house I would follow that path to the main road and also mark it if blocked, buckled or impeded by mud from landslides. Hopefully today they will get the comparison map up. WOW what I have seen so far in damage is just a mess. It will take them a long time to get past this. There are places that bulldozers just aren’t going to cut it, they will need dynamite experts and then rebuild the road. Trust your gut more often than not your first intuition is the right one. I saw houses that obviously had damage, some I couldn’t tell… to be honest it is my experience if you even find one in a general location, if you miss the others around it those will still be discovered by the rescue groups. They will see the obvious damage that we can’t.

Is anyone one else totally impressed by the clarity of this particular campaign’s map? WOW between the beautiful color and the fact I could spot a flea on a dog it was amazing what I saw of it. :coffee:


It appears that this has been resolved!


What map are you on? I am working the South end of g2e and I have found very little damage except for landslides and they could be related to a heavy rainy season. A lot off the odd looking buildings I saw were from the “Oblique view” problem (see separate subject) . The change in view angle really plays havoc with the senses.

Notice you can see into the right side of the sheds and the difference in the trees on left side of area.