New Zealand - example of landslide w/ imagery


I came across this article which includes satellite images. Thought it could be a resource for us about landslide cracks and what happens during a slide.


I don’t know how I did it, but after clicking on that link for landslides/mudslides, I ended up following some other links (each one interesting in its own right) and before I knew it an hour had passed! One the good side of the coin is that now I have links to several new websites from which to get news on weather conditions, climate and climate changes, etc.

The landslide reminded me of one which occurred on Delaware Avenue in Elsmere, NY several years back. A portion of a cliff gave way and plummeted about 220 feet (70~m) into the Normanskill Creek. The only problem was that this was directly behind a row of businesses, with several of them losing all the ground behind their buildings, right up to their back doors! All but one had to shut down until the Town, County and State could restore and shore up the cliff. By the way, the bridge on Delaware Avenue leading from the City of Albany to Elsmere which runs over the Normanskill Creek is one of two bridges I used to walk across - on the girders on the underside - when I was about 14-16 years old. When we heard a tractor-trailer coming, we had to hurry over to a vertical support and hang on as the bridge would bounce up and down - six inches up and 6 inches down for a total movement of 12 inches! As you went up the 6 inches with the girder, it would suddenly drop down 12 inches leaving your feet in the air. :fearful:
Ah, the good old days of youthful stupidity! :innocent: