No Campaigns? Have nothing showing on page


There are no campaigns? I am talking no old, no new… NADA!!! Totally never happened since I started with Tomnod. It just says loading campaigns and doesn’t do it! Will check back later. ARGHHHH and it says my Title is too short! I had No Campaigns. Had to add the second part… sorry!


@HappyMapper @cageycat I too have no campaigns showing. Main Computer must be down for PM or is updating. - bob


I’ve still got the SAR campaign on the front page with the Airport mapping one below and both still functional.

I can access the Hurricane Matthe campaign through the links on the post in here…though it is labelled “This Campaign Has Finished” because Happymapper took it down again :wink:


SAR is up.
Airport is up.
See for info about Matthew.


I can see campaigns - like the missing hiker but the maps do not load… just black screens. I came here to see if they had anything going for the Hurricane ie Haiti …Bahamas. I am in Colorado so when I saw the Hiker Campaign, I was going to work it but… no images.


Hmm…wonder why they work for some and not for others :confused:


Could you try deleting your temporary internet files? Or do F5 for a hard refresh to clear the cache?

Also you could try in an hour or so to give Tomnod time to upload any new images they might be preparing for us.


I went back and it refreshed and kicked in… probably when @HappyMapper was taking down the Haiti one for a little bit.


Same …I am good now for the hiker and airstrips.