No show on forum


Still cannot enter forum from Chrome browser… Have to use Edge, then switch back to Chrome for campaign. Pain in the back end.

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Bev, have you tried this It seems to be working form now without having to go through email.

There are still some members avatar images missing, namely @Helen, @Shaul, @AKE235 and @claus to name but a few :wink:


Eek, what’s happened to the forum? :sob::scream: And where’s my kitty pic gone? If it doesn’t come back soon I’ll have to send a search party out to look for it…


First, can I say how fabulous it is that you loyal Nodders have ingeniously found your way here??? It warms my heartstrings!!!

Sorry we have not officially fixed the issue yet. I am not even entirely sure how long this link will work ( Yesterday Discourse told us to update our CNAME, we did that, but it is still not working. I emailed them again today.

I know we will get this figured out but I know it is SO frustrating in the meantime!!


LOL, we can be a tenacious bunch at times! :rofl: Not much gets past the Nodder team…


Hi @Mel_Nod, Please be aware that my computer (i-mac) via chrome is telling me that the discourse website is NOT secure. Does not matter which way i enter, i.e. with or without the http. Thought you would want to know. Also when I went to the seal polys the poly counter zeroed me out. I entered a different way and the counter is working. Sorry but I cannot be more specific about this last issue. PLEASE fix the system, I am starting to have seal withdrawal syndrome (SWS). :cold_sweat: :scream:


Not sure what happened … Everything closed up normally and the next thing I was seeing… not much but white… Not really at my best right now, but I did manage to find a route into the forums again… I’m guessing that there was a change to the addressing and a few small typos slipped in at the same time… At least I got that much figured out… and reading a bit it seems to be confirmed as well…
I think I’m going back to being sick… it’s less work.


Is this a test of our loyalty, dedication and tenacity? :wink: :laughing:


I know Cagey said not to load a new avatar in the other post but…I just felt naked without one :rofl: :blush:


shock Spotted that yesterday in the course of fiddling around to get in here :anguished:

:mask: Hey @Mel_Nod Doug4’s had the lurgy, have the servers had their flu jabs :hushed:

@Doug4 hope you’ve been using loads’n’loads of hand sanitizer before you touch your computer

Ok I’ve taken a few precautions…hope I’m not too late CatHazardSuit :laughing:


I don’t recommend it, Tastes terrible, doesn’t work that well… Get a bottle of good Rye Whisky… pour a glass straight. sip away. If you should sin and spill some, wipe it up with a clean cloth and use that to wipe down surfaces, while damp.
This works best… and as always, errors in coding fine print are now automatically multiplied and stand out much better if you are reading that… If you are just browsing around then you likely don’t care and that feeling is amplified as well



Hi @Mel_Nod, Two more possible glitches in the system: First my posts are showing a reply arrow to permit me to reply to myself which of course is an interesting way of talking to oneself :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Second I think the counter is still off, but in the other direction. Previously showing zero, now showing about 1000 (1K) more polys than I think I searched. Of course the other person I am talking to who might be myself could have snuck in there when I wasn’t looking and counted a few polys :rofl: The counter also went to 4 places briefly. Concerned that the miscounted polys might affect total stats for @michelle.


Hi @Wilms

All posts have the >Reply item at the bottom. That is part of the Discourse software.


Hi all, well, on the plus side, is back up and running.

On the minus side, in order to access it, I had to clear the cache (in chrome, History-> Show Full History->Clear Browsing Data->check Cached images and files and clear. :confused:

On another minus, avatars are still missing. I’m still communicating with Discourse about these issues.

I suggest re-populating your picture. Sorry about that. They are being a little coy but we have come to believe that discourse is doing things on their end that are causing these problems. In the end none of this was related to us or our code and upgrade, though we thought that at first because the timing was quite coincidental.

So @Wilms Tomnod is operating the same as ever.

On that topic, and unrelated to these issues, it’s true that you may occasionally see a sudden change in vote count. This is a little technical but: The upper-right hand vote count does not pull from the main vote table in our database, because that is a big table and can be very, very slow. That count pulls from a smaller subset of data that is typically updated after our QC algorithm runs. We had a little bit of a lag in running our QC algorithm the last few days for a number of reasons, so your vote count was lagging too. It is back up now. Either way, please don’t worry that the votes aren’t being recorded, they are. That is one thing Tomnod is quite good at :smiley:


Update: sounds like the DNS should reset for everyone tonight, so that the forum will be accessible again tomorrow without clearing the cache.

Here’s hoping!

They say they are going to look into the Avatar issue too, so perhaps hold tight (or just remake it, whatever!)

Current URL issues - Should you make another account?

yay3 Yaaay…it works :smiley: :grin:


You got me all excited there for a minute :smirk: Just checked to see if my count had got caught up in the lag in the vain hope I was closer to my end of week target, but heck I’m nowhere near it yet :disappointed: Guess I’ll have to move my target to end of next week at the rate I’m going :roll_eyes:



Some of my posts are not posting in the forum. No error nag screen, just no post. Poof.

We had a previous episode of avatar blanking about 1.5 years ago. Most pics came back on their own but a few never did.

The big D likes changing and upgrading and fixing (even if not broken). Scary to think one little change can silence a whole forum.


I still say someone forgot to pay the bill.


Yeh, the big D standing by the philosophy “if it’s not broken, fix it until it is” keeps them in a job :wink: