Nodder Experts! Roadster orbiting


Elon Musk posts final photo of Tesla Roadster headed to asteroid belt

Elon Musk’s launch this week brings up some interesting questions! I turn to my Nodder friends, and Tn staff, for your expert opinions. First, the link above shows a video, in v-e-r-y s-l-o-w motion, of the Roadster. Very interesting images!!

So first, on which side of the trajectory “route” should he be driving? Left? Right?

Second, they were worried that the car might “ding” Mars if it got too close. Brings up an interesting question-- Do cars floating in space need vehicular insurance? Full Comprehensive? Or just the minimum? They claim the car could orbit millions of years. So will someone need to pay insurance premiums every year??

Third, there’s a mannequin behind the wheel… So, if he becomes “detached” somehow and dislodged from the car, is that vehicular homicide? or Suicide by Space or suicide from ‘jumping’ out of a car? I’m so confused! The rules have changed!

Fourth, does an orbiting roadster need a name change, from roadster to… ??

Fifth, will an orbiting car get space dirt? Will it need a “car wash” (if one existed, that is)?

Now they are saying it is headed toward the asteroid belt. Why didn’t Elan outfit the car as if a gameboy so someone on Earth could use a joy stick to navigate through that area? That would be kewl! Anyway, how many game points should be assigned if the car does get hit?

I am wondering other things… like… does the car have an engine? fully functional car? If so, and it gets hit, will it explode?

And, please tell me, is Hubble Telescope capturing the car’s journey? I hope, I hope!

Can WV3 “turn” and scan the car? :smiley:


Now that one would be so cooool :smiley:


Definitely on the left! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
OK, I’m slightly biased there, to be fairer, is the car left-hand or right-hand drive?

Probably hadn’t thought of that, but what if it hits a passing satellite in the future?

That would have to be “mannecide” or “dummycide”, surely?

Orbster? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Wow, those would be some pictures worth seeing! :smiley:


A good (?) publicity stunt for the real star of the event, the launch of the Falcon Heavy and Elon Musk’s space program. Not sure if I like another piece of space junk out there. Imagine if the car collided with something it shouldn’t have hit like the Mars satellites. I am a big fan of space exploration, but this was a bit over the top for me.


How about right down the middle?


Did you know that driving on the left side dates back to the Roman times? The warriors would hold the reins to steer their chariots with their left hand and to the left of their enemies. This let them use their sword in their right hand to hack away at their enemies with their stronger right arm. :wink: