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Nice to meet you @NatalieK! Thanks for your great intro!


I’ll add a welcome @NatalieK… but… I’m wondering if you were just here as a Guest or anonymous type log on in your previous activities, you did mention ‘human traffcking’ and ‘Weddell Seals’ as prior exposures,., and you join date lists as this morning… and re number 4… I have the same problem with such questions… I just say GOOD.
covers all the important stuff [my stomach says that…]

Now to follow T over to your other post re CAFOs…


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Welcome @NatalieK! Love your picture and thanks for nodding with us!


I didn’t have a profile during those campaigns, so not sure what my user type was. I just have more time now that I’m out of school and on the job hunt.


Thanks for the confirmation… I’m bad for picking up on things, but it is part of how I worked for years… to be a trouble shooter one has to be able to find the trouble and that means observing… I’m not perfect at it either, which also helps keep an open mind… mine is getting a bit older but still works most of the time.
Hope we are sorting things out… I see Mel has discovered you now…


@NatalieK, Be careful… No one knows what Melissa (@Mel_Nod) looks like! :grinning:


My goodness, my post was 3 yrs ago. Thankfully, I learned much more since this.

  1. My “birth name”? Who knows. My mum sold me on the black market when I was a child. :unamused:
  2. My nickname is “Jane” because the people that adopted me took me over the border (the first time) and the official asked my name and I said “Jane Doe!” It made for many problems for the minute, but I thought it was funny. It was my name on court records! :joy::rofl:
  3. Who programs you for the most part? Ummmm, I programme me. I’m all 1’s and 0’s. Just look at my brain! :brain:
  4. The purpose of my life is to love and be loved. I live this every single day with my friends and family and random strangers!
  5. I have had two fantastic views of Earth. One was simply in an air traffic control tower in the middle of a wheat field in Germany. Mid-rain storm season, my view was absolutely stunning! Second, my view from the top of the world! I was working on historical military aircraft in Bodø, Norway and for a few peak hours I had the most incredible views of the Aurora activity! Every colour you could think of, it may have brought a year to my eye!
  6. I do this because I am now physically disabled and I have been involved in Search and Rescue as well as CERT my entire life. As long as I’m alive, it’s my job to help other beings and people.


I think I’m all 0’s. Lots of empty space in there! :rofl:
Seriously though, welcome to the forum Mayvar. Be forewarned… you may find some of us - okay, maybe just one - who may be a wee bit on the nutty side. :crazy_face:

Wait until @TerriB hears this! She’s been trying to see the aurora but the weather hasn’t been cooperating too well for her. I got to see them once - here in upstate New York. My grandson and I watched them for an hour before they faded away. Many, many ribbons of rippling colors and the many hues between. That was breath taking! :heart_eyes:


But what about the kateg*s??:crazy_face:
There are even more of me now after the refugee campaigns! I will not divulge how many. It’s embarrassing :grimacing:


I know of 5 of them that were quite active for some time. :shushing_face:


Hi Nodders! I’m new to the forums and Tomnod, and I’m excited to get to know / work with y’all.

1. How and when did you discover Tomnod? What was your first campaign? I discovered Tomnod a few years ago during the height of the missing Malaysian aircraft, but I didn’t actually dive into the software until a few days ago. I’ve been working on the Weddell Seals and the Africa Refugee Crisis.

2. What is your favorite campaign to date? I like the Africa Refugee campaign because of being able to see how their lifestyle/culture is different than my own.

3. Do you have any special insight, skills or experience that could help other Nodders? I actually have quite a bit of knowledge and experience with areal and satellite photography, remote sensing, multi spectral imaging, LIDAR, spatial analysis, and ArcGIS. I was active duty in the US Air Force for 8 years, and was an imagery intelligence analyst while enlisted. I currently work with analyzing utility services (storm water, waste water (sewer), floodplain mapping, and hydrology studies. I love helping others and collaborating ideas, so feel free to bounce anything my way.

4. What is your favorite food? I spent some time in Maine, so naturally the lobster roll is the meal of choice for me. Eating one from Maine should be on everyone’s bucket list.


Hi @Rooster Welcome to the Forum! Glad to see that you’ve got an extensive background, and of course, we all enjoy posting those “What I see is…” from campaign images. LOL (We’re a little nutty around here!)


Hi Rooster, welcome to the forum. I think you may find I’m one of the nutty ones around here. (Tend to “see” quite a bit of “choice” things in imagery. Just check out each campaign’s “POI” (Points Of Interest). Some things are plain as day, but some tend to take just a wee bit imagination. :roll_eyes: :wink: All aside, I think you’ll find we’re a pretty decent group from all over the world.
I also love lobster, but frog legs are delicious, especially with French onion soup on the side. :yum:


I’ve noticed a few newbies sneak in while I’m away…
nod-penguin-satisfied-yes-yup-GIF…welcome to the Happy House of Nodders @NatalieK, @Mayvar_Moore and @Rooster cool2


Welcome @Mayvar_Moore and @Rooster! :slightly_smiling_face:


HowDEEE! Hope you all enjoy our nodding world. Check out the different topics and help info and don’t be afraid to post a “WhattsZat?” Someone in some time zone,(or dimension) will answer.