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I heard about Tomnod, in Tv news, about the Plane search last year.
I am just Danish, Denmark.
55 ear´s old, with electronic education, and discovered the valuable tool, with the program Picasa,
which makes one able to put more light on an eventually dark picture.
Old Navy sub, now just old.
I realise it is a new world, to bee here on the Tomnod platform, a totally new usefull tool to help the world.
Each person got a little knogled about something, if we learn to put it together, help each other out, it would bee good.


Elsewhere, Nepalese authorities worry that landslides might block rivers. This can form lakes that obstruct major roads, force people to evacuate their homes or even burst in a single catastrophic event. Last August, a landslide triggered by heavy rains dammed the Sun Kosi River in northern Nepal, killing roughly 150 people and causing widespread flooding.

Info about a landslide from 2014.


Hi first got involved during the search for MH 370. UK born but retired now and live in Crete (that’s Greece) not U.S.
Love the fact that being so remote I can still do something to help if only spasmodically.
Hope to travel to Nepal next year to help with the rebuild using earthbag homes.
Favourite food anything except parsley !!


I saw a report on “ABC World News” regarding the missing Maylasian Flight MH 370.
I, immediately, signed up nand logged on. I was hoping, as were many others, to find the missing aircraft and survivors.
I spent many hours scouring the tiles, looking for anything that could point towards a
Since then, I have entered onto many other campaign, to give my assistance.
My expertise in Quality Assurance and Electronic Imaging. One or the functions of my jobs was to look for the tiniest defects and debris (foreign matter) which could cause problems in the final product.
I used, both, electronic and analog imaging devices, incuding microscopes, to scan the part or product, sometimes, 0.005mm at a time. I used the same technique for Tomnod: one tile at a time, going in one direction, only to change direction, when coming to the edge of the image (satilelite photo).


Hi All,
I joined when looking for the downed aircraft. Now on Swaziland buildings. Find it rather addictive. A bit confused by the different campaigns - I seem to have received messages about some campaigns but not others - Is this standard?


Hi Dave1 (waving at ya)! Did you double check your profile settings as to the type of searches you want to do? I have all of them checked as a willing participant but sometimes I don’t get the email notifying me until I have done it for a day or two. I just pop in for a quick look daily to see if there is an active search because sometimes it is literally critical to save a life (think plane and boat searches). I know they are tweaking stuff because I see changes in different areas. Here is hoping that notifications is on their “tweak” list! :coffee:


Howdy folks. Newtonian is the name taken from my joke alter ego, Newton Snookers.

I’m not sure what my first campaign was but I’ve been doing this since the campaign on another platform when Steve Fossett went missing.

My favorite campaign to date was the Nepal earthquakes since I had a tie to that area due to a team of artisans there producing one of the more important short swords in my collection. Seeing the damage and knowing that the talented knife makers were quite exposed brought it close to home in my mind.

From the United States but living in Costa Rica, I’m a retired scientist and business executive with fairly extensive experience seeing world cultures from the ground. In a few cases that ground experience has helped me understand what I am looking at from space. I’m an expert level researcher in old time libraries and have transitioned pretty well to doing the same on the Internet.

Favorite food? Easy. Pizza. I love pizza so much that I have a wood fired stone pizza oven in my yard.


I learned about Tomnod from an old article in National Geographic about the search for the tomb of Genghis Khan but that project was concluded before I ever starting “nodding”. I’ve participated in many campaigns since then and have found them all to be intellectually stimulating since each imparts its own new discoveries and has its own quirks. I’m retired from the intelligence business so I’d seen my share of satellite imagery in my previous work. I’ve been an armchair archaeologist for years and have done extensive reading on the subject so I’m always open minded when I see a bump on the ground that shouldn’t be there (that comes from the intelligence background also). I’m semi-retired now so this gives me a means of contributing something to the community good. My favorite cuisine is Greek and fresh seafood cooked Greek-style over a charcoal BBQ while basted with olive oil and lemon would be my favorite food.


Thanks for the reply - I’ll keep looking in. I keep doing Asia building polygons currently - oddly addictive!



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Howdy All. I have been on vacation so I am trying to catch up with everything. I first learned of TOMNOD when Malaysia 370 was all over the news and a reporter mentioned that anybody that is interested can help search on TOMNOD. I WAS HOOKED! I worked in the information technology field as a programmer and have retired.

Hmmmmmm… my favorite food? CHOCOLATE!!! LOVE CHOCOLATE!!! :yum:


Nothing to view, after first water page screen went black…could not reload water scene pics…


Hi @BillSr !

Sometimes the descent into black is from how many of us Nodders are accessing the maps. Usually, if we give it a break, the server unscrambles itself. Try back in a little while.

I also find that if I wait, sometimes the image will come in. But if two or three all load to black, I just close up shop for a while and come back later.

Oh, by the way, for server or image issues, look to see if others reported a problem and post a reply to that thread, or start one with the subject “Bug the Campaign then the problem”. That makes it easy for Staff to notice bug reports.

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Hi I’m Denise. I just discovered this place from the Turtle Island Restoration Network’s Facebook page. I work for NOAA’s Office of Ocean Exploration and Research as a Data Manager/Collector/Archivist. I previously worked for the Naval Oceanographic Office’s Mine Warfare Division analyzing sonar data, so I’m used to looking for objects in the ocean. I can’t wait to get started :smile:


Cool @Denise1 ! You’ll be one of our go to persons for Whatz It (we got lots of those!) and Whadda you think posts for specific images. :smiley: @Bob1 and @Newtonian and others help identify specific strange and interesting sites.

What depths can you analyze on sonar?