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Exactly what I was thinking @cageycat. @Denise1 is going to be a mine of information (pardon the pun), a mind ripe for picking :smiley: Welcome aboard Denise :smiley:


Time for intro I suppose;

I am an Operations Director for a network monitoring software company here in the UK, in my holidays I go overlanding in a 4x4 to places like North Africa. I am also a moderator for a motoring forum…

In the 90s I worked on the ESA Olympus Satellite project where we were testing data subcarrier systems for narrowcasting and also installed satellite ground stations so space, satellites and remote imagery has remained of great interest.

Like @Newtonian I first became involved in the Turk project to try and locate Steve Fossett after his tragic plane crash and spent many hours scouring woodland for wreckage. This was particularly galling for me as I recently had a photo printed of a shot taken by me of Steve flying over our house on his record breaking round the world flight where his plane was clearly visible but the size of some of the objects we are now looking down on, I had planned to send the photo over to him to ask him to autograph…

I like the the idea of putting ‘ones’ spare time or resources to good use as opposed to playing endless game apps that only serve to make the author rich!

Back in the 80’s there were various farmed out cancer cracking or genome sequencing programs going about where users could process “Units” of data using a screen saver or similar, in our office we had a very large array of computing power to hand and we often turned it over to these sorts of projects “between jobs”… but nodding seems equally rewarding if you are so inclined.

When we are overlanding, satellite imagery is invaluable; before you go to explore the area you are planning to visit, check where a track might go to, or look for some interesting to explore like an ancient fort or formation.

Anyway, rambling on now so lets post this one…


How and when did you discover Tomnod? What was your first campaign?
The missing Malaysian airliner was my first campaign. Can’t remember how I learned about it, but became addicted pretty quickly. I don’t play video games, so I guess this is my outlet for interactive computer work.

What is your favorite campaign to-date?
I think the Nigerian campaign, but either it wasn’t a long campaign or I wasn’t participating as often as I do now.

Do you have any special insight, skills or experience that could help other Nodders?
Not really, I learn with each campaign. I’ve traveled extensively, but not to any of the campaign locations yet and I feel like it’s a type of traveling.

What is your favorite food?
I’m a sucker for stews. So many things you can do with them, so many mixtures and seasonings.


1. What’s your name (first) and degree(s)?
My name is Ryan and, believe it or not, my degree is in English Literature.

2. Why did you become interested in this field?
I actually knew little to nothing about mapping and satellite imagery before I started my internship at Tomnod. Two years later I’ve learned all sorts of fascinating things about GIS and am loving my job as a developer at Tomnod.

3. How long have you worked for Tomnod?
About half a year as an intern and now about a year and a half as a full developer.

4. What is your primary task in compiling images and nodderdata?
I work on developing the Tomnod platform. This includes the front end (the client interface you guys use every day) as well as the back end (our server infrastructure that serves, processes, and collects data) and our database (which stores the vast amount of data we collect from our campaigns). Basically, I spend most of my time developing new features, improving our current performance, and fixing any bugs that might crop up.

5. What do you prefer to do when not working?
I’ve loved reading ever since I was a kid (hence the major in English Literature), so I definitely go through a lot of books, both for pleasure reading and to learn more about things related to my job. I’m also big into physical activity and enjoy powerlifting, volleyball, rock climbing, and yoga.


How and when did you discover Tomnod? What was your first campaign?
I heard about Tomnod with the search for flight MH370. For some reason I became really engrossed in that event and when I heard about Tomnod, I immediately signed up and started searching.

What is your favorite campaign to-date?
The Illnois tornado strike was absolutely fascinating to me. Tragic, of course, on the human level, but it’s the first time I’d really seen tornado damage from a satellite perspective, and it was interesting to see patterns in tornado movement and spot areas where I thought “wow, those people were real lucky.”

Do you have any special insight, skills or experience that could help other Nodders?
Not sure what other Nodders would find useful! I work in web publishing as a writer and editor, and have always had interest in environmental and animal studies. To quote a TV show, “I have approximate knowledge of many things.”

What is your favorite food?
You cannot make me choose! But I will list a few of my favorite things: unagi-don, ginger chicken-rice soup, anything chocolate-peanut butter, havarti cheese, german chocolate cake, cauliflower soup, Purple Stuff Cherry Cola, and sweet tea.

I’m a bit of a Tomnod lurker, dashing in and out of campaigns as time allows (since I am quite a busy person), but I really love it here, and glad to start becoming part of the community.


Hello all–

My name is Matt, you can call me Matt or Matthew or whatever. I figured it was about time to make an introduction post here after a few campaigns…

First discovered Tomnod via twitter (@MGhydro if you want to connect there) and my first campaign was the Kathmandu Earthquake survey. My favorite campaigns to-date are the Hong Kong boat count (except for Aberdeen Harbor /shiver/) and actually the Joso flood event in Japan that is going on right this moment. I posted in that topic that I am currently a PhD student studying midlatitude mixed forest phenology and disturbances around the North American Great Lakes using Landsat imagery. Some of what I do is like the fire mapping campaign that is also going on now, though using multispectral before/after comparisons and teaching the computer the workflow to do that automatically, so I also do a lot of Python programming and scripting. I have a background (that is, academic degrees and research experience) in meteorology and hydrology, including some water and river engineering, so the Japan Flooding campaign is of particular interest to me. I’ve been learning remote sensing for about 4+ years now with some training on aerial interpretation and lots of training on image computational analysis.

Favorite food is tacos, second is pizza, both with beer. I’m a graduate student. 'nuf said.


I think I found out about Tomnod via Facebook … someone or some site posted about it and my first campaign was the Nepal earthquake.

I wouldn’t say a favourite campaign but one that matters to me - is the current Indonesian Illegal Fire that’s happening and causing unhealthy haze situation in Singapore, where I live. PS25 level is above 300+ at this time. Just another example of how what one does in a country do affect others.

I’ve no insights but just be patient and keep going. Maps are usually big and who knows, you might just pick up something that might help someone.

Fav fruit - char kway teow. come to Singapore and you’ll know.

Reminiscing and replies

The Tomnod family welcomes you.


A bit late posting this. Been Nodder Modding, Here goes: I’m Retired Military. Trained as Combat EMT. Retrained as Resource Manager for Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Service. Currently Naval Historian. Elected State Official as County Precinct Chair. Also worked as chef, served founders and illustrators of Pixar Studios before their relocation to Emeryville, Ca. Computer experience began on mainframes punching card decks, then migrated to deck tops that had to be built from scratch and programmed. Worked in San Francisco in the legal field as a programmer and tester. Discovered TOMNOD while monitoring twitter feed when Genghis Khan project as trending. Signed up and searched a lot of sand for a couple of days. Came back for the MH370 campaign. Discovered the forums this year and now have the distinct honor of being one of the Forum Moderators. My favorite food (dish): Standing Rib Roast with Yorkshire Pudding, Baby Carrots and Asparagus and Homemade Bread.


I discovered Tomnod back in 2007 via news reports (during the search for Steve Fossett’s lost aircraft). I’ve not been particularly active on Tomnod since that time.

A recent e-mail from Tomnod related to the epidemic of child slavery around Lake Volta (Ghana) piqued my interest in Tomnod’s community mapping efforts again. I’d previously worked with a philanthropic organization which sought to prevent child slavery in Nepal through the use of education, economic development and the provision of health services to vulnerable women and families. I’m very hopeful that community efforts directed toward the Ghana project will aid in the gathering of information related to Lake Volta fishing activities/locations. Ultimately, I hope that this data will lead to freedom for many of these children and the reduction/elimination of child slavery in the region.

I certainly don’t have specialized technical mapping skills, but have a good understanding of general data analysis principles and pretty decent logic skills. It certain helps that my eyesight is still good!

Favorite food? Hard to say as I enjoy too much of it! Mediterranean, Mexican, Indian, Italian, Thai and fare from the local diner … and who can forget scrumptious desserts? … it’s all good!


My first campaign was the missing Malaysian airplane MH370. I saw the link on Facebook and decided to join. It’s probably my favorite because it was current and urgent. I didn’t find much other than probably waves. I’ve spent most Tomnod time on Ghana lately. My least favorite is Mali. I dislike starting a map that is already full. It makes the image harder to see.
Did quality control many years, so I’m used to searching for small things out of the norm. Other than that, just your every day Joe when it comes to skills.
It is nice when we can see the results of our searches. If it improved any lives.
My favorite foods are asiago cheese, chocolate, spinach. Not necessarily together. Probably not ever together.


Welcome! Glad to see you have been here before and are pitching in to help with one of the many campaigns going on. By the way… your favorite foods if using a dark chocolate would make an awesome souffle! Just sayin’ a gal has to get her chocolate somehow! :coffee: :chocolate_bar:


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How and when did you discover Tomnod? What was your first campaign?
During the search for the 7 missing sailors off the coast of Australia, an acquaintance told me about Tomnod and I began searching.

What is your favorite campaign to-date?
That first sailboat campaign, and I also liked tagging wildfires in Australia.

Do you have any special insight, skills or experience that could help other Nodders?
Not every map relates to the cause… some are mostly clouds, some are unrelated to the search goal.

What is your favorite food?
Not sure what this has to do with Tomnod, but I think bacon improves many meals, and pecans improve most desserts! Not healthy, but very tasty. :slight_smile:

Ghana: Child Slavery Campaign - Maps not specific to cause
Ghana: Child Slavery Campaign - Images, 'Causes' and Campaigns

Hello all, my name is Danny. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Media with a major in Web Application Development Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne - Australia. I am currently a self employed web developer with fairly flexible work hours.
I became aware of Tomnod from the MH370 incident and have worked on a few campaigns since. Mainly search & rescue campaigns.
I am fascinated by the imagery and love to participate knowing that I am part of a large number of people working together and actually getting something done.
I plan on increasing my presence on the forums and the hours I put into the campaigns

I look forward to getting to know many of you


Welcome Aboard, Danny.



I first became interested when the news came out about TN regarding MH370. I began searching miles & miles of ocean & got excited when I found anything at all. That’s one big ocean to cover, so finding something even remotely different than sun shining on the waves was exciting to me. Sadly, my efforts on that campaign don’t show up in my stats. Darn it. I think I had over 70 K miles searched, too.

After my efforts in the Indian Ocean I dwindled off for a while in visiting the site to participate in the campaigns. Now, I’m back at it once again.

I don’t think I have any particularly useful skills or experience in the realm of satellite imagery &/or analyzing the images. What I do have is the desire to make an effort & do what I can to help.

There is no favorite campaign as of yet. The ones I have participated in, however, were all very interesting.

While I am not an overly chatty person, I will lend my thoughts & opinions from time to time during a discussion.

As to my personal self… I love to read, write, sing, play saxophone, & read. I have written a bit of drivel I call poetry, & I used to sing, along with my ex, in my ex-father-in-laws band.

I have a dog named Roxie. She is a pitador (Pitbull & Labrador mix). She is a wonderful pet & companion.

That’s about enough for now. I need to get back to looking for dwelling places & livestock herds in South Sudan.




Welcome aboard, Myx.


Welcome Myx! Sounds like you have a very creative life and a good buddy to share it with. Have fun on the campaigns!

Pastor Ruth ~ Tomnod Mod


Hello! I am Kathy from the woods of Pennsylvania, USA. I discovered this site through a post on the Indonesian fires. I really like geography, so I am enjoying this much more than I should. I am unemployed, but since I have 8 cats, 3 dogs, 50 pigeons, 40 chickens and a parrot, I still keep busy most of the time. I like to garden, and I read a lot, too. I also love travelling and animals. I don’t really have a favorite food–I could eat the same food every day and be ok.