Nodder Introductions


The Tomnod family welcomes you, Kathy.


Thank you.i forgot to mention that I also like video games, but I am starting to think that I am enjoying spotting fires as much as any game. I guess the benefits work both ways.


Hi Everyone!

How and when did you discover Tomnod? What was your first campaign?
I checked my email account and found out that I’ve signed up in March 2014 however, South Sudan: Food security is my first campaign. I think I’ve signed up when the Malaysian Airline Flight 370 was being traced. I think I got frustrated and didn’t continue then.

What is your favorite campaign to-date?
I have none yet but this campaign I’m currently doing might start my regular mapping with Tomnod :smile:

Do you have any special insight, skills or experience that could help other Nodders?
I’ve worked for a travel agency here in the Philippines for about 4 years so if you’re headed this way, maybe I can throw in some tips for you. I manage a few Facebook groups and pages for online sellers, hamster and guinea pig enthusiasts. We usually organize pet expos or pet festivals every year but have been really busy recently.

I have a lot of sugar gliders, a shihtzu, a beagle and 1 leopard gecko. I currently am a freelancer and doing jobs thru Upwork. Let me know if you want to know more about me.

All in all, I think Tomnod is a great place. Would definitely do more campaigns in the future :smiley:


The entire Tomnod family welcomes you Ruth.


Thanks @AKE235 :smile:


Hello, I too discovered Tomnod in March and joined the MH 370 search. I like a number of campaigns so it would be hard to choose a favorite. I have a lot of specialized skills to offer. I took remote sensing classes at University of Idaho. I got into GIS mapping in the early days when a GPS was a backpack with a dome shaped antenna on a mast above your head and heavy car battery. I got buff using it in the Northern Rockies. Dad served in the Air Force so I got good at identifying aircraft. Dad worked with remote sensing using radar systems. I served in the 2nd/116 Cavalry, where I taught land navigation, and map reading. In the Cavalry I was a Scout and expert in forward observer proceedures for calling artillery strikes. I worked as National Park Ranger and made a career of wildland fire fighting with the BLM. I mapped fires and used GPS maps to avoid archeologic sites during post fire drill seeding. I love computers. I was the first kid on the block programming in Tandy Basic on my 16K CoCo,(it still works). I have my IBM 8088 with dot matrix printer where I programmed in Turbo ( it still works also). I automated the fee collection system at a National Monument and linked the cash register to the park network so we could conduct instant audits. I like to find old junk computers and give them new life as Linux machines. I also custom fabricate aluminum equipment for fish and egg handling at my states brood stock fish hatchery part time. I hope to start working to automate the hatchery soon. My favorite food will always be my grandmothers organic fried chicken with creamed corn, potatoes, country gravy and cabbage and carrot cold slaw on the side.


Welcome Mountie! Glad to have you here… psst my Dad was USAF… and thank you for your service and watching our northern borders… it certainly sounds like you are aware of the many thing’s that can be done through Tomnod to help make Grandmother (my Native American husband calls the Earth) a better place. Look forward to see you in the forums!


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Reminiscing and replies

Hi Folks

“I” was a rather tentative and perhaps unfriendly username. As, I guess, the eleventh “I”, I became “I11” which made me sound rather unwell. Now that I’m hooked on Nodding, the mods have allowed me to change to “Thistle” which reflects my Scottish location and heritage as well as the name of my boat: thanks to @HappyMapper and Luke. I’ve also taken the opportunity to add a photo to my profile. So, not a newbie, just reinvented!

PS I was going to tell you about this in the post above but the change hadn’t fully happened and my personality was split.


Ah, I knew you belonged here somewhere and when I saw your post here had been deleted I thought you had either turned shy about sharing or removed it for a major re-edit :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Welcome back to the Thistle that never really left (a.k.a. I11) :smile:



I, too, noticed when you deleted your post. I thought, hmm, maybe we have a shy new member? I was going to post to encourage “Thistle” to post again, then thought I’d wait. I’m glad I did-- what a surprise you had in store for us! Reinventions are nice, huh?


Hi everyone

My name is Pete, discovered Tomnod from a friend who told me about the site. I’m working on my first campaign now, the floods in Missouri.

Favorite campaign is the first one I am working on now, the Missouri floods.

My only special skills are I have good eyesight and like to stare at computer screens for hours.

Favorite food is chili



Hi Pete! Welcome to the Tomnod family of “nodders!” I love chili also - made many a meal of just that! :yum:


Norm is my name. My first campaign was the Malaysian airliner search and it my favorite to date. I also liked the fishing trap one as well. I seem to like the water related campaigns. Since I was young I have enjoyed looking at maps. I have a very good sense of geography. I also like to watch the flight patterns on the . flightradar24 website. Especially when there are weather situations at major airports.

Favorite food is sushi, Wheaties, hamburgers, Thanksgiving turkey, and steak.


Welcome, @Norm ! My husband also enjoys tracking flights online. I love your diverse collection of favorite foods! Mmmmmm sushi :sushi:


Hi there, I like the be kind suggestion! Forums can be a bit scary! I joined Tomnod to help try and find missing airlines after Flight MH370. I grew up near Lockerbie so all I could think about is the desperate relatives and loved ones. Trying to find time to help with mapping floods and the poaching - all important and as Happy Mapper says, this is the world we leave to our children, what sort of state do we want to do it in!

I have special skills and have trained and worked with various mapping and ID in the past, I thought and hoped I might be of use!

My fave food! THAT ^^ right there, now!


Welcome Vicki, I’m one of your moderators for the Tomnod forums. Also feel free to roam through the many topics that we have available. You will find that we are one large happy family here. - ake


Hi all, my name is Giuliano and I’m from Italy.
I discovered Tomnod with the Malaysia Airlines 370 campaign. My favourite campaign is the Nepal earthquake SAR operation.
I’m a contributing writer specialized in defence and security working with some defence related websites and magazines.
I’m familiar with imagery analysis and just now I’m attending the Geospatial Intelligence course offered by Pennsylvania State University via Coursera.
My favourite food? Spaghetti with clams!

Best regards.


WELCOME! You certainly fit in with the rest of us :grin: and I look forward to seeing your posts and contributions to Tomnod. Again welcome to you newest addiction! :blush: Some of us are really hard core and have withdrawals when we don’t have something to search. ~ Pastor Ruth - Tomnod Mod


Hi, I’m Tom…formerly of the ‘Spatial Industry’ (forty years with companies worldwide)
I began analysing Tomnod data last year on the Nepal Earthquake crisis and since being made ‘redundant’ (due to ‘out-sourcing’ from Australia) have a bit more time to assist projects. I have visited Fiji on a couple of occasions and would really like to contribute to the Cyclone Winston ‘efforts’. :wink: