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Hi Tom. Welcome to the world of nodders! You’ll find everyone usually hard at work (nodding), but occasionally take a break to hit the forum and sometimes act just a little bit wacky! (Talking about you, @cageycat! :wink: ) Seriously though, cageycat can come up with some really interesting stories she’s made up all by herself. Makes for some fun reading.


Hi @Vicki, I think you’ll find us all a very friendly bunch of nodders on here…nothing scary…unless it’s Halloween :smiling_imp: Just lots of light hearted banter and some gentle ribbing in my experience here :grin:

I suppose a few key things to bear in mind when reading posts/replies are that we are a multinational forum here so English is not everyone’s first language; the devices nodders are working from, together with people’s personal abilities, can all play a part in grammar/spelling errors and how wording may be misconstrued. But I’ve only ever experienced this forum to be friendly and very helpful, only too happy to share our knowledge and experience; so welcome onboard :grin:


@aviceda One day companies will wake up and realize some of the best (of anything) comes with some inherent redundancy. Without it, daily life just another beeping box that only speaks in 0s and 1s.

That’s why :cat: :cat: :cat: and :busts_in_silhouette: :busts_in_silhouette: :busts_in_silhouette: come with the innate ability to make redundancies. :smiley:


1 Descubro Tomnod cuando se extravió el velero argentino en costas de Brasil y pude observar cuanto amor hay en sus integrantes para solucionar este tipo de problemas haciendo todo lo posible por colaborar.
2 No tengo “campaña favorita” ya que para mí, todas lo son en mayor o menor grado.
3 Desde la creación de Google Earth, me sentí atraído por conocer todo el mundo en detalle. Luego de algunos años me incorporé al Foro de Google Earth es. en el que con forma de “juegos ó entretenimientos” participo en practicamente todos los sub-foros que lo integran que por lo general se corresponden con BUSQUEDAS, adquiriendo experiencias increíbles para hallar cosas.
4 Mi comida favorita es un buen asado, además de las pastas.

Gracias por permitirme compartir estas nobles e importantes misiones de búsqueda.

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1 discover Tomnod when the Argentine sailing ship was lost in offshore Brazil and could see how much love there is in their members to solve these problems making every effort to cooperate.
2 I Do not have " favorite campaign " because for me, all are to a greater or lesser degree.
3 From the creation of Google Earth , I was attracted to know everyone in detail. After a few years I joined the Forum Google Earth is . in which shaped " games or entertainment " participated in virtually all sub - forums that comprise that generally correspond to search, to find things acquiring incredible experiences.
4 My favorite meal is a roast , plus pasta .

Thanks for letting me share these noble and important search missions .
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¡Hola Emiliano!

Encantado de conocerte. Quizás la cosa mas importante para nosotros es nuestra familia internacional de usuarios que nos permite lanzar y completar nuestras campañas.

Gracias por contribuir,


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Emiliano Hello !

Nice to meet you . Perhaps the most important thing for us is our international family of users allows us to launch and complete our campaigns.

Thank you for contributing ,

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¡Bienvenido al foro! Va a encontrar todos los presentes a ser como si fueran de su vecino más cercano. Todos son muy agradable.
¡Una de mis muchos alimentos favoritos es un buen asado y pasta, así - Soy parte italiana! Contentos de tenerlo con nosotros.


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Welcome to the forum ! You will find everyone to be as if they were their nearest neighbor. They are all very nice.
One of my many favorite foods is a good roast and pasta, as well - I’m Italian side ! Happy to have him with us.

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Hello fellow Nodders. My name is Kris and I’m in SW Washington

How and when did you discover Tomnod? And What was your first campaign?
I can answer the first 2 questions in one answer…like many others I started Nodding when I saw information about Tomnod during the MH370 tragedy.

What is your favorite campaign to-date? Hmmmm hard to say which has been my favorite since I kind of bounce between them to keep my mind interested. I seem to have gotten very far on the Adelaide Pool Campaign so I love to find the pools I guess.

Do you have any special insight, skills or experience that could help other Nodders? My favorite time to Nodd along is while watching tv on my laptop using the 1, 2, 3 keys

What is your favorite food? Oh that is easy…PIZZA!

I look forward to the next new campaigns :sunglasses:


:eyes: Pizza? Did someone say the “magic” word? :pizza: Pizza!!! :eyes: Well HOWDY Kris2 welcome to the forum of all things Nodder. I love PIZZA second only to Sushi :sushi: which I am not allowed to eat anymore. Not even the little fishies :fish: on a pizza. From one extra cheese lover to another WELCOME! Pastor Ruth ~ Tomnod Moderator


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Random thoughts

Kia Ora, I’m from the South Island of NZ, found Tomnod after feeling helpless about the Nepal Earthquake. I am fortunate to not have been living in Christchurch at the time of our multiple quakes but my partner was and he still has the mental health issues so familiar to people who have survived disasters.
I have no real favourite campaign, but I like feeling I’m doing something when there has been a major disaster.
I don’t think I’ve got any specific skills but would be curious if other people here have good pattern recognition skills - I think that helps.
Favourite food - whatever I’m enjoying at the moment. My professional life is a fair bit food focused and it’s great after 20 years I’m not sick of it :slight_smile:


:laughing: Sounds like me. Anything, well almost anything, in front of me is my favorite. Everyone says I have hollow legs because I can eat so much and not gain any weight. Of course, as I’m getting older, some of my weight has shifted around a bit. :frowning: My wife would make a big meal and by the time she was finished cooking, she wasn’t hungry - still gained a couple of pounds though. :confused: Think just maybe she was “sampling” her cooking and was full by the time dinner was served? :wink: If I cook, I eat! :yum:


@kiwihelen -
I think you’ve identified one key Nodder skill. Many people when presented a tile image would not focus on elements but get lost in seeing the whole picture (or vice versa).

I think Nodders are good at switching their visual focus between “figure and ground”. Figure-ground is both an artist and perception concept: Eyes can shift repeatedly from background to specific elements. The “forest vs the trees” thing.

In perceptual psychology, psychologists study how what we focus on can affect how we think about life, relationships, etc. Supposedly, people who can easily take in the big picture while also shifting to the pieces in the picture do best in life, in general.

Shrug? Of course, when lost in the forest, it’s hard to see anything more than the tree in front of you. LOL


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Hello Everyone!

How and when did you discover Tomnod? And What was your first campaign?
I discovered it near the beginning, although I don’t recall my first campaign. As was drawn to Tomnod though as soon as I heard of it, I studied Geography in college but have been hooked on remote sensing since I was a kid.

What is your favorite campaign to-date?
I’d say the TC Winston campaign and the various computer learning campaigns. On the later, I’m very enthusiastic about the future of AI in remote sensing.

Do you have any special insight, skills or experience that could help other Nodders?
Mainly my education, but I’ve always had a knack identifying things from above!

What is your favorite food?


Hi fellow Nodders! I’m new to the forum so I thought I’d introduce myself and say hi!

How and when did you discover Tomnod? What was your first campaign?
My first campaign was the search for MH370. I really wanted to help the cause and didn’t know how. I’ve been Nodding ever since.

What is your favorite campaign to-date?
My favorite campaign by far was the fishing weir campaign a while back. As a fisherlady I couldn’t get enough of it. I was glued to my computer for days!

Do you have any special insight, skills or experience that could help other Nodders?
I am a trained weather spotter and tornado chaser. Obviously natural disasters are my thing. Still, I try to participate in as many campaigns as possible, even if it’s just briefly, to familiarize myself with various types of satellite images. That way (so long as I’m not stuck in the clouds!) when an urgent campaign comes along I’m not wasting time with the do I/don’t I debacle with tagging. Also, if you’re really into a campaign (see question two above) get up and move every so often so you’re not sore for the next few days!

What is your favorite food?
Pizza without a doubt. Plus you can eat pizza while mapping. It doesn’t get better than that! In all seriousness though, I am quite the pizza expert.

Random thoughts

Blessings and Welcome! Ahhh pizza :pizza: and fishing :fishing_pole_and_fish:… nothing like the perfect combination. I was raised in FL and can’t tell you how many times my brothers and I would snag a couple of pies and hit the causeway or bridges (back in the day) and fish to our hearts content. Even though I can’t eat fish we had elderly neighbors who couldn’t fish anymore and we would clean them up and deliver them to them. Those were the days. :upside_down:

Random thoughts

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Hi, I’m Thomas. I learned about Tomnod, when I saw a great presentation on the Khan’s tomb at GSFC. I don’t yet have a favorite campaign, but I was interested in the Gorkha earthquake. I hope to have my own campaign someday, but not because my condo collapsed.

I study landslides, and I’m trying to see if there’s any way to use Tomnod for that purpose. It’s exactly the crowdsourcing solution that I’d want to build, so I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get some good data here. Please contact me if you’re curious about landslide research.

I like bread, I guess.


@Thomas2 to Tomnod. The person you want to contact for your landslide research is @HappyMapper. She is the staff representative for TOMNOD. I’m sure she can provide you with any information necessary.

Again welcome to Tomnod.