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If you want to study landslides, Snohomish County Washington could use your help. There was a sub-division in the town of Oso that got buried from a slump on the other side of the river.

My name is Allen but I go by brudigan. I started on MH-370 and got hooked. I retired from the Navy in 1988. My first computer class was in 1966 and I now have a BSET & BSEE and two more retirements. I built my first computer in 1981. The search that was the most interesting was the Okanogan-complex fire, because we go through the area on the way to our cabin.

First Computers

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My first encounter with Tomnod was the day after the disappearence of MH370. I spent hours searching and tagging, many times I thought I found it (the wreckage). Being a pilot I am quite adept at recognising objects from the air, after a while I also learned to distinguish between marine life related disturbances and potentially relevant phenomena.
The MH370 is still my favourite campaign to-date.
I believe I have developed some skills in evaluating images relating to air crashes over oceanic areas.
My favourite food is medium rare scotch fillet steak.

First Computers

The Tomnod family welcomes you.


Thank you for the hearty welcome. I am one week from turning 86 years of age. I live in Australia, I was born and raised in Hungary where I ran foul of the communist regime in 1956 and had to escape. I settled in England where I became an automotive engineer. In 1970 I migrated to Australia where I continued my engineering work and started private flying as well. I have been involved with computers since about 1965 when Ford in England subscribed to a timeshare computer. I had learnt programming and at one time I was competent in Cobol, Basic and Fortran, just about all of them obsolete now. I am addicted to my PC computer for several reasons. The most important one is the Flight Simulator which allows me to do a lot of pretend flying, a substitute for real flying which was like an addiction to me. I had a ball searching for MH370 on Tomnod, I was convinced on many occasion that we have found the crash site. I am still convinced that some of our finds were the actual crash site, rejected by those who did not want the plane found

First Computers

Hello :wave: fellow Nodders,

This is my very first time to Tomnod and so far I think its really cool how it all works. The first time I worked with Tomnod was over on mTurk working on road bridges. After several Hits I finally decided to check out what Tomnod is all about and the purpose. I have decided to work on Antarctica #2 as my first official nodder campaign, so far its seems to be easier than I first thought. Its amazing how much these images can zoom in and out and the fact that I CAN ACTUALLY HELP THE WORLD and be a simple homemaker all from the comfort of my :rabbit: slippers and super fluffy pillows. :stuck_out_tongue: Since I have only just begun what seems to be an amazing journey with Tomnod I will wait until I participate in more campaigns before deciding which is my favorite and I’m still learning to be a Nodder so any advice offered would ALWAYS BE WELCOME :hugging: :wave: … like how to delete a tag if place wrong :sunglasses: . lol As for my favorite food I always enjoy spaghetti with meatballs and you have to have garlic bread to go with it, but then again a simple bowl of cheesy mac-n-cheese will always hit the spot. I look forward to learning more about Tomnod, other Nodders, and staff.

_THANKS FOR READING :book: YOU ROCK!! :guitar: _


Hi, welcome Ashley. Glad to meet you. ( Have you found out yet that a post needs 20 characters? – hence the need for me to write more than hello here. LOL )


Hi Cageycat,
Nice to have met you as well. I have not yet found that out but I would think that on a site such as this, any response would require more than a one worder. And very slick way of just saying Hello. lol :thumbsup:


Greetings! The Weddell seal project has all sorts of strange sightings in it. We have grand times trying to figure out “What’s Zat?” Read thru some of the Campaign Specific topics to see what I mean. Have fun!


@Beverly1 I took a break from searching the photos and read through some of the forum threads and seen some pictures that were posted. Its really cool how shapes and things just appear in the ground. Tomnod has even caught the attention of my 9 yr old and he is even just as amazed as I am …if not more lol.


Hi everyone.

I was told about tomnod by my work experience supervisor. I’ve always wondered how I might be able to use GIS and spatial science to help during emergencies and disasters, especially now I’ve finished my degree.

I only have access to QGIS at home and with family commitments not the most amount of time. I’d like to use that time to help others where I can.

My favourite food is cream, actually an ingredient as it is so versatile.


Hi Harry. You don’t need a lot of time for Tomnod as every little bit helps to build a consensus for each of the map tiles. Of course, it helps to keep a little time for the forum. :slight_smile: There are many people here who can and are very willing to help with any questions, problems, etc. And if you have some free time, there are many topics to browse through that are interesting, helpful, educational, and fun (FUN FINDS). A few of us do get a little carried away on the forums however, myself included. Right @cageycat? :laughing: Welcome to Tomnod. Oh, and I also like cream - as in ice cream. :heart_eyes:


My name is Bob Shelley and I discovered Tomnod during the hunt for MH370. After long hours, sleepless nights, and a few bouts with COPD I finally had to admit that I was whipped by a 757 having disappeared out of somewhere to nowhere. I also became involved with a missing fishing boat off the coast of Argentina… I had better luck there and found what looked like a portion of the bow sticking above the water.
I am retired and my major task is to watch after my three grandchildren. I have talked about crowd-sourcing with a lot of my friends and I know that several have joined Tomnod because of our discussions.
I think this is an excellent concept but I would like to see the grid system remain active, the freedom of the individual operator to pick and choose his/her point of view, and having digital photographs within a few hours to a day or so would be helpful.
I began looking for the missing boat…went missing last week…and the only frames available are from June 6th. The boat could be miles away on the surface or below the surface by now. Also, using algorithms on the vastness of the sea doesn’t seem to be efficient. Looking for images on land I can see…but those images don’t move and the ocean does.
I was an aerospace design checker trained in both the mechanical and electronic areas. I not only checked drawings for fit, form and function but checked out multilayer boards as well. My skills are no longer need because a computer can do the things I used to do faster, more efficiently, and more accurately.
However, I find that with practice I can still compete with younger eyes in scanning oceans, deserts, mountains or valleys. An anomaly still stands out to the trained eye.
I look forward to working with this forum and I hope that I will be able to offer some assistance in locating lost people, finding lost civilizations and keeping the world from self-destructing.


Hey @Robert7 Thanks for posting, Bob. I think many of us have former-workplace skills that seem now obsolete, but make our eyes, judgment, and freer schedules perfect for Tomnod. You’re in good company!

I want to encourage folks to post in the forum, too. We joke around a lot here, but we’d sure enjoy having more folks to joke around with every day.

@Jim7 is our weather, deer and birds, and grandchildren Diarist. We also sure need experienced folks who would post tips about searching, if that would interest you to do sometimes? I operate the Forum’s Cageycat Lounge-- feel free to stop in for some catnip. :slight_smile:


Hi Robert,

Welcome to the forum. It’s nice when people introduce themselves in the way you did. It makes us feel like we know you and are truly a part of our family of nodders!

P.S.: @cageycat does seem to get into the catnip too often, so sometimes you have to take what she says with a grain of litter. :wink: Right, Cagey?


Thank you Cageycat,
I will stop bye the Cageycat Lounge when I get the chance.
Thanks again,


Here are some questions to help break the ice:

**How and when did you discover Tomnod? What was your first campaign?**

Saw an article online re the hunt for MH370, I can see I’m not alone in that. That was my first Tomnod campaign… but the first crowdsource search was probably the one for Steve Fawcett.
Was that a precursor to all this. It was a new idea for sure.

**What is your favorite campaign to-date?**

Not sure I have any favourite… I suppose anything that has a benefit of some sort, even if it is just a good effort by people to help. Far to many variables involved in choosing.

**Do you have any special insight, skills or experience that could help other Nodders?**

I have a wide background, but no more special than anyone I think. I know about physics from school, photography is a hobby, I was an optician in family business, a commercial diver in my choice.
After that I got into computers and the Aerospace field… after a head injury on my bicycle, I had a bit of a moratorium while I got my memory back, mostly. I got the idea of upgrading my skills for what I had been doing at the Aerospace company and took a course in 2 and 3d animation, which covered a lot of image processing stuff… helps a lot looking at images and enhancing them a bit… but that is a path approached with caution in this environment. Over the years I also got a pilots licence for power and glider, became a skydiving instructor and rigger, like climbing and similar pastimes in the outdoors… and have been an active SAR team member in several groups over the years. Just retired recently from that again… In fact I came here hoping there had been a request for a missing plane last seen at our Cranbrook airport… but I understand that it is a very tough piece of ground… Hard enough to get to let alone photo from space and then search… now the live search has been stood down for now. We’ll see. At least the search area would be fairly small, just really complex and still snow covered, but melting fast. As for hints to Nodders… MH370 often seemed to break down into long discussions on ‘what is this’, which at that time was a valid thing since few people knew much about what they were asked to look at or what they were looking for. I just searched tiles, even to the point of planning my own sequences… could cover more tiles that way by moving in blocks in patterns… was it what was planned for us? I used some of my own training to do that, but remember how many blocks of photos came up and newer areas and even better quality ones of the stuff already done. I gladly started with the plan but found it was a time waster for me… To be honest this polygon search chafes a bit, but at least I think I know what is going on with the idea… but I happily bang away at the questions… as presented. I only reward my aging eyes with minor wanderings around the images to relax my eyes… only so much cloud and waves at a time… but I do blocks of 200 questions per session. Rest and mind clearing is important if you ask me… fresh eyes always see better. That is why it’s a 10x coverage not a single viewing right? But when I do explore, sometimes you find things and I just want to see what they are… Just today I found a blurry object in almost dark, and it turned out to be a small ship and I marked it as such… there are lots in the area to boot… and smaller boats, just not what we look for. Do you know what a Union 36 looks like… if not find out… it’s online… cruise Google earth coasts of islands etc… deep open water shows on a few of them… know what an iceberg looks like… look at wave pa,tterns where large waves intersect…and break up.
It takes a few minutes, but is very useful to do… and free. Oh yes… whales, we saw lots in 370, and a few here.

**What is your favorite food**

Like music choices… I like GOOD!



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  1. How and when did you discover Tomnod? What was your first campaign?
    Via GlobalXplorer

  2. What is your favorite campaign to-date?
    I quite liked the Congo human impact one, but probably GX.

  3. Do you have any special insight, skills or experience that could help other Nodders?
    Two working eyes. And some knowledge of remote sensing, though not photography. And a life-long interest in archaeology.

  4. What is your favorite food?
    Lasagne, without a doubt.

Nodder observations, Eyestrain...and Forum Features

Hey Ben! Glad to see a new face. :smiley: Rummage around in the posts; you’ll find something interesting fall out somewhere. Join in the fun.