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Hello Ben,
Welcome to Tomnod Forum. Don’t mind @cageycat, she’s just one of our moderators. He, he, he! :wink:


I’m seeing some new faces in the forum. Welcome. Please stop by this thread and introduce yourself. :sunny:


Hi, I’m a brand new nodder, a retired nurse from Colorado; and the Hurricane Harvey campaign is my very first geospatial volunteer project.
A couple of questions; can anyone tell me how long this campaign will run and if there is a way that I can look at the final results of the project? Also, is there a way to view my own contributions to the project?
Thank you and I am very happy to be part of your group!


Hi @Linda_Staehler

Tomnod uses a x10 consensus on campaigns, meaning they try to have 10 times or more agreement on every tag. Campaigns end when we reach x10, generally. (Campaigns also go on until we generate enough coverage of all map tiles.)

Your stats show on the top right of the map platform. Unfortunately, we have to write those down ourselves if we want to keep track into the future.

As to final results, sometimes Tomnod posts some report, but most often they don’t. Watch the blog: You can read about the company here:

Welcome to the Nodder group!

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Welcome Linda from Tomnod’s unofficial long-winded nodder! :laughing:


Hi Cageycat,Thank you so much for the helpful information and for welcoming me to the group!


hey @Linda_Staehler Tada!
and here


Thank you very much Jim7!


Welcome! And batten down the hatches, cause it is hurricane season and we will be quite busy for a good while. If you have time, check out some of the category topics as they usually contain info from past campaigns which may help you figure out what’s happening is things go wonky. And don’t mind the silliness that pops up frequently, it’s just us keeping whats left of our sanity.


You’re welcome, and should you ever feel the need to send a private message to one or more of us nodders - for whatever reason - you can click on your icon at the top right, click on the envelope (messages), and follow the instructions to send a message to one or more people. You can even “invite” others to join in later if you wish. Although we don’t usually use this feature often, we (myself included) have used it. Just wanted to let you know of its existence. :smiley:


Hi @Linda_Staehler, welcome fellow Coloradan, and thanks for being a tomnod volunteer!

I work on the Tomnod Team here at Digital Globe.

CageyCat’s info is all correct. We’re posting the data to (look under Tomnod).

If you’d like to look at the file (it’s geojson file), you can use ArcMap if you have access to that for some reason, or, you can download and use the wonderful open source QGIS. That’s what we use here.


Hello all! Name is Chris.

How and when did you discover Tomnod? I learned about TomNod from a girl in my GIS class. I expressed my interest in emergency management and response and she told me to check this place out.

What was your first campaign? Hurricane Harvey

What is your favorite campaign to-date? Harvey

Do you have any special insight, skills or experience that could help other Nodders? I am currently completing my degree in GIS, I love studying maps and peruse Google Maps in my downtime for fun.

What is your favorite food? Spaghetti of course!

Looking forward to getting to know everyone and helping out!


Welcome to the forum, Chris! When you have a little spare time, check out some (or many) of the topics in the different categories - educational, fun and silly discussions, and questions asked and answered. The moderators and a few other “nodders” will be welcoming you shortly! :smiley:


Chris, Welcome to Tomnod. My name is Bob and I’m one of the Forum Moderators’. Cageycat is the other Forum Moderator. Feel free to contact, either of us, if have any questions or concerns. Again, Welcome to Tomnod.


Hello @all,

though I’ve been around a while (in more then one sense, I guess :wink:) I’ve only just discovered this forum.
So it’s time for me to introduce myself properly.

I’m E-Bear from Germany, the E being the abbreviation for the Eifel region (roughly set in the triangle formed by the 3 cities of Cologne, Aachen and Trier).

I think I discovered Tomnod browsing the internet years ago and the first time I tagged was during the search for Steve Fossett.

For me, there ist no favorite campaign as we are dealing with catastrophes, disasters and human misery here. Contributing via tomnod is a way for me to try to be of help when I cannot just “go over there” and help with my own hands. In this respect, it was a very reassuring sight to see the consensus score rise so quickly in the hurricane Harvey campaign. Well done nodders! :smiley:

I don’t know whether I have any special insights, skills or experiences which could be helpful. Got some language skills, a number of years in administration and a general curiosity for all things old and new. When push comes to shove, I can get quite determined to find what I’m looking for - even if this means scanning a seemingly endless number of tiles…

When it comes to food, I am surprised that no-one here has mentioned ice cream, yet. I do love ice cream!!!

Hope this gives you a little impression of myself.
I’m very happy to be able to contribute together with you all for really good causes.
Big thanks go out to tomnod/DG as well for providing this service.

Kind regards and a nice weekend to you all,


Hello E-Bear! Welcome to the forum. If you browse through the different topics in each of the categories, I’m sure you’ll find everything from educational to silliness (we do have to get a little crazy to keep from going crazy :crazy_face:). There are interesting photos posted in many topics that are items of interest in different parts of the world, “fun” finds, as well as topography, water and clouds where nodders (people) “see” things in them - quite interesting!

"… the Eifel region (roughly set in the triangle formed by the 3 cities of Cologne, Aachen and Trier)."
I just learned something about Germany I never knew - the Eifel region. Never too old to learn something new!

"When it comes to food, I am surprised that no-one here has mentioned ice cream, yet. I do love ice cream!!!"
Ah, ice cream! I too love ice cream - especially “Strombolli”, an ice cream made of up 5 different flavors (flavours) from around the world. This is made by a regional company (Stewart’s Ice Cream Shoppes) here in upstate New York just before the winter holidays. For several years they even took orders to make sure they were making enough. :heart_eyes:

Again, welcome to the forum. You should be getting a welcome from the moderators (@cageycat and Bob @AKE235) very shortly.
P.S.: I’m just the long-winded “regular!” :smirk:


Thanks, Jim, for the very warm welcome!!! :smiley::smiley::smiley:


Welcome. If you ever get any spare time, cruise through the various categories to see what we’ve come up with.


E-Bear, I’d like to welcome you to TOMNOD (Big Eye in Mongolian), the best crowd-sourcing platform on the internet. As you are probably aware, we are currently working 2 campaigns now. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. There are now 3 named storms currently brewing in the Atlantic right now. Hurricane Jose, 480 miles SSE of Cape Hatteras, NC. TS Lee, 655 miles of Cape Verde, TS Maria, 620 miles ESE of the Lessor Antilles.

If you have any questions or issues, feel free to contact me @AKE235 or @cageycat


Thank you very much @Beverly1! :smiley: