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Thank you very much as well @AKE235! :smiley:


I think the 3 most valuable skills any nodder needs here are a pair of eyes, patience & tenacity ( ok 2 in one skills there :wink: ) and a good sense of humour. So long as you’ve got those, your qualified to get stuck in :wink: :smiley: We all see things from different perspectives and that is what matters; what one doesn’t see, someone else does and between us all nothing should be missed.

We come from all walks of life, different parts of the world with varied life and work skills, so you should fit right in nicely with the rest of us :grin:
Welcome aboard E-Bear :smile:


Thank you very much @EmeraldEyes for the very warm welcome and for believing in me! :smiley::wink:


Welcome @D1ggy and @E-Bear! Thank you for being tomnod volunteers! I am on the tomnod staff at DigitalGlobe, so feel free to tag me as needed here in the forum.

Welcome again!


Thank you from my side again for your effort and for the very positive communication on this forum!
It feels great to be here!:smiley:


Hello all, my name is Michael.

How and when did you discover Tomnod? What was your first campaign?
I first discovered Tomnod during the MH370 campaign. I haven’t really touched Tomnod since then, but I hope to get back into it as I really enjoy reviewing/looking at satellite imagery. Hurricane Harvey is the most recent campaign I have been involved in.

What is your favorite campaign to-date?
MH370. The thrill of possibly finding a missing plane? What could be better! Other than actually finding the still missing plane of course…

Do you have any special insight, skills or experience that could help other Nodders?
No, I’m just your average Joe that enjoys looking at images.

What is your favorite food?
You had to ask this one! I actually don’t have a favorite food. I’m the kind of person that will order something different nearly every time I go back to a restaurant I’ve been to before.


Hello Michael,
Welcome to the forum. While I have some favorite foods - well, alright… a lot - I do the same as you when I go out to eat. I order something new as often as possible. I’d never want to get bored with food! :rofl: When I go out with my wife, she’ll order something we eat at home or the same dish over and over. Not me! I never order anything we have at home and very seldom will I order the same dish I had the last time I was out. Now desert is another thing all together! :heart_eyes:


Welcome @michael13! Glad to have you back with tomnod!


Hi, I’m Rachel.

How and when did you discover Tomnod? What was your first campaign?
My friend, Kara, shared a link to Tomnod. I have started with the Hurricane Maria Campaign.

What is your favorite campaign to-date?
No favorites yet, but I am looking forward to opportunities to help with search and rescue and with searching for archaeological features.

Do you have any special insight, skills or experience that could help other Nodders?
No real expertise in the area, but I do love studying satellite imagery.

What is your favorite food?
Sushi. Sushi, sushi, sushi. SUSHI. (now I’m craving sushi grumble lol )


Haha, indeed! Our food habits, and our wives, sound very similar.


Welcome to tomnod, @MoonlightDragonfly! Glad you have found us and thank you for your help.


Cheers all,

My name is Ole, and I come from Denmark. I am male and 53 years (plus some days) Old.
Been working with computers since last millenium, tho I now work more and more with management.

I joined Tomnod marts 2014, and have been nodding on and off.

I am not sure of the first campaign I joined, might have been Missing Catamaran & crew,

As a favorite campaign, now thats a tuff one to answer, honestly I would rather be without most campaigns
due to the fact it often has to do with people that got hurt, killed or gotten their life in ruins. I tend
to join the campaigns where I believe the use of data is most important, but if it has to come to a fav campaign
it might be the Hawaii Challenge etc.

Tomnod needs to make “competitions”, yes we had them before and frankly even tho the pictures are wonderful, I could
use a new calendar to replace the one I won years ago.

Fav. Food ? hummm slowcooked fastfood :wink: now honestly I just stick to local disches.

Happy nodding all


Hi, hej og velkommen Ole! :smiley:


Hello Ole,
You must be one of the “originals” on Tomnod. :slightly_smiling_face: Welcome to the forum. There’s a great group of people from all over the world on here, some very serious, some not so serious and even a few a little nutty. :innocent::wink:
I’m Jim (Jim7) from upstate New York, USA.
You say you won a calendar, huh? Sounds like someone has a competition to develop. Quite a few of the nodders have saved some pretty beautiful screenshots of topography from Antarctica to Ethiopia and more that would make great photos on a calendar! I’ll have to go through the hundreds that I myself have saved and will make a list. Maybe I’ll make a shared folder on Dropbox and upload them all to that. Then anyone here can use the link I post to browse through them, download whichever ones they want, and can make their own calendars. I’ll create a topic in the Water Cooler category called “Screenshots” and post the link there.
So, welcome again, Ole.


Thanks @Jim7! That would be awesome :nerd_face:

That emoticon is me, not you. :grin:


Welcome, @Ole! Thank you for joining us.


Hehe Sounds like a great idea with the dropbox. And ohh yes, Tomnod back in time did a lil calendar competition, quiet fun, and a great calendar. I do think I even managed to post a pic on FB with me and the calendar :slight_smile:

And I believe that there are serious, some not so serious and even nutty ones on the forum. I never put myself in a box, but thinks there is a time and place for everything. Sometimes after going on for hours looking at flooding, damage etc. one needs the smile to carry on.



Welcome Ole, to The House of Nodders. Where the adventure begins!

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I think we’re all in a box… it’s just that the top isn’t taped closed and we escape every so often. :wink:


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