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hi All, I think I introduced myself a while ago I cant remember lol. I am from Peru but now living in Michigan. My first campaign was the missing plane. The saddest one was the lost Catamaran with the 3 sailors. I like doing this as I feel is a good way to help those in need somehow. My favorite food is the Peruvian food like ceviche :slight_smile:

I met here nice people who care for the world as much as I do. It is very frustrating for me to know that there is people who does not care a bit about the world that was given to all of us for free and so perfectly beautiful.

Nice meeting you all…


Welcome to our family, Cecilia. - ake


thank you Ake (hope i am replying you )


I got your reply. Thank You.


Welcome Cecelia! We’re all happy to meet you. Hope to see you often here on the forum. It’s both educational and fun… and sometimes a little bit nutty.


How do! Hope you enjoy our crazy group, as we do come unglued occasionally. You may have trouble with some of our goofy metaphors, just ask if something doesn’t make sense. Also check past nodder categories for help with searches and problems. Or you can just whimper in a quiet corner like I do till they fix it.


Hey Cecilia… OlafBumpScreen…welcome to the other side :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No kiddin…CrazyCat2 :smirk:


welcome @cpflucker, we are glad you are here!


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Hey! I’m Ada and I like seals :smile::smile::smile:

I find it when I try to find pictures from Antarctica. The campaign for the wedell seals #3 is my first campaign. It’s my favourite campaign for now :grinning::grinning:
I don’t have much skills but I’m here to help you find some seals in the pictures! I think that the only way I can help you now is with the pictures…
My favourite food is sushi, but I’m not Japanese…
I like cute things, and I like seals ( like I already said ), emmm, I think it’s all!


Again, Welcome Ada. :grinning: You’ve joined a great group here, including beginners to experts…


Welcome @ada! Thanks for being a part of our seals campaign! Seals are just about the cutest things.


Hi everyone on tomnod. I don’t know how to use the forum, never done it before so I am feeling confused and hope this is right. If I just want to say something do I have to reply to someone else? Can’t understand how to just add something. You know like ‘Hey, have you seen this?’ Also, how do you take photos of what you’re looking at on tomnod? Not very good at this, but would like to join in. I feel there is something I need to do first like get a photo or piccy in a circle like you guys.

How to use discobot - learning tool

Hi @George1 and welcome to the forum from a fellow nodder :grinning:
We’re always glad to see new members and it’s a friendly, helpful group we have here so ask for help with anything here and you will inundated with answers…ok being the holiday season responses may be a bit slow :smirk: but usually we’re quick to respond :grin:

And now I’m going to move this conversation onto a more useful and appropriate post so look out for your invite in the drop-down menu of your avatar…image up in the top right corner of the screen :slight_smile:


Hi everyone!

  1. I discovered Tomnod when it was mentioned on the news that this site was using global volunteers to look through images for evidence of Malaysian Airlines MH370 airplane back in March 2014. Contributing to the massive search helped me feel like I was contributing, even in a tiny way. I’ve been a Tomnod fan ever since!

  2. One of my favorite campaigns to-date is one that just finished: Identifying temporary structures, permanent structures, and agriculture fields in South Sudan. This campaign showing up on Tomnod inspired me to go read more about what is going on in South Sudan and why it’s important enough to show up on this site. Then I pread the word amongst my friends on what’s going on in a county half a world away. Each little tag helps a seriously endangered country.

  3. What I can share about being a Nodder is that volunteering time to look for images in a cause far away helps us all in a little way make the world a better place, one satellite image at a time. It doesn’t take much to volunteer, and we don’t even have to leave home!

  4. Really good fish ‘n’ chips.


Did you say fish? lol

Welcome aboard!


Welcome @George1 and @Samantha! We’re glad you found us here!

George1, we’re all just muddling along here so just do your best, post any more questions, and we would welcome any tomnod pics!

Samantha mmmmmm Fish and Chips!!! Yum!


Oh yes and extra tartar sauce! Can’t forget that… :grin:


Hi all tomnodders. I’ve been around for a while now, since the missing plane MH370. That is what drew my attention to tomnod in the first place. I loved searching for the plane and like most nodders, I suspect, really wanted to be the one to find it. It having been landed on some remote island with everyone safe onboard.
Since then I did a bit on the fires and flooding and have enjoyed the being in the Sudan, but mostly I have enjoyed the Wedell seals - er, has anyone seen one yet? But still. I saw some buildings in the old year and tallish things that can only be described as portable loo cabins.
I love the shapes you can see from the satallite images in the ground. I saw a head of a polar bear and wanted to put it on here, but couldn’t. I need to find out how yet. Right now though I have a rather nasty virus that’s got me stuck in bed with an unwillingness to move and my wedell seal votes are slacking.
Have fun all you nodders and happy new year…where did you say those imicons thingies were?:rofl: Just found them!


@George1 & any other nodders who have some gunky illness…
:person_in_steamy_room: :phone: :tea:
And we’re sending extra-special unusual capsules full of Tomnod good will that fight both viral and bacterial infections! :pill: :pill: :pill: :pill: :pill: :pill: :pill: :pill: These are especially preferred among satellites for whom the tiniest dust can bother their scanning ability, so you know the “medicine” has got to be strong.

If in NE US, stay warm in these horridly frigid temps.