Not able to access Beijing Draw


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I can access it fine on my end (I’m woking in Google Chrome). What browser are you using? Are you seeing any other errors?



Its probably my work router blocking the connection. Wanted to see if anyone else was having the issue or not though. Thanks. I am using Chrome as well.



Of note: yesterday I did receive two errors but on the Adelaide swimming pool campaign and also on the forum. I had both up and suddenly got a Chrome notification that I had encountered an error during the search. That said I was able to close out both and the browser, logged back on and got right back in. It reoccurred about 20 minutes later but again I was able to repeat the above and get right back in. Actually I don’t even think I logged out the second time. Because we have power and phone line issues I dismissed it as a tree limb bumping up against the lines. It did resolve. If it was at the same time then perhaps just a good old hiccup from the WWW which happens. I hope that yours resolved as mine did. Maybe some kind of phase out was the eclipse the day you had your problem? I think also there was a notice from that we were to get a solar flare impact at some point this week too. NOTE: There was another G2 class CME due today as well so we may experience some more of the same.


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