Note to Tomnod Staff


Thank you to @EmeraldEyes for the name & the spirit of our newest badge!


Got it here as well! Thank you @Mel_Nod and @EmeraldEyes


Thank you @Mel_Nod and @EmeraldEyes for the newest badge! I think i will make ‘tenacious’ my new middle name :grin:


Good idea, @cageycat and @Mel_Nod! Thanks for the new badge. I like Badges! :man_cartwheeling:


Yaaay, we got another badge, thank you @Mel_Nod :star_struck:
. . . but I coulda sworn it was you idea Cagey Confused-thinking
. . . well you did say somewhere that we’re a tanacious bunch :grin:


Yeppers, me too! Mucho gracias, thank you, Djakuyem!


Well, I’ve really just started to function again… today marked my point of having straightened out my bills and got all paid up again… and two consecutive days of actually functioning again in some useful method doing things mundane like some laundry, shopping for food etc. and all by bus and foot in a town that has turned into a large ice berg… Anyway, it is looking better… and now I just found that I was awarded that new tenacious badge… so Thanks to whoever added up that bit… I guess that overcoming the flu and hacking into Tomnod did the trick… I guess time will tell what we have to do to to keep on being tenacious…

A comment to @Wilms, the problem with having tenacious as a middle name is making it STICK… as in ‘the trouble with Teflon is that if nothing sticks to it, how did they attach it to the pan?’

Have fun all, I’m still trying to get caught up on lost sleep.


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: I’m keeping that one…it’s gone into my “I Quote” file :laughing:


Hi there… by all means keep that one… but remember, I did not say it…
Look up George Carlin. That man generated thousands of similar questions as part of his humour career… so just quote the right guy…

I found the attribution was for a line…
" If nothing ever sticks to Teflon, how do they make Teflon stick to the pan? "
But it gets repeated over and over and was altered even by him… as conversation shifted… the joy of 'English’
Anyway just expect the unexpected as you look around in his world.

Churchill was right on the money when he made the quote about US UK relations… the one referring to two peoples separated by a common language.


A funny - not funny thought I have occasionally myself @Doug4! Glad you are getting back up and around! :grin:


:joy: Ok, you’ve just taught me a lesson, so word of advice to anyone else looking up George Carlin…don’t do whilst you’re eating your morning porridge :confounded: and liquids are out too :laughing: :rofl:


Hi @Doug4, Glad you are feeling better and that you were more tenacious than the bug that bit you :smile: