Oh, nooo, Wail, hiss, bared-teeth, 😿


Wail, hiss, bared-teeth, :crying_cat_face:
gulp of air
Wail, hiss, bared-teeth, :crying_cat_face:
Wail, hiss, bared-teeth, :crying_cat_face:
Having horrible “midnight crazies” !

OK let me tell you. Almost as bad as Michelle not getting a flight. No, not really. Mine is not as bad… cept to me. Wail, hiss, bared-teeth, :crying_cat_face:

Today was bed day. NEW bed of no sag, no stink. So, I’ve been up working since 11am (12 hours ago). Friends coming at 1 to help me. Had to “unload” the bed of all the stuff I need every day. And move the end tables and anything else that’s in the way. Just did this in Nov. Should be old hands at this, right?

It’s 2 old ladies & old cat, me. Two with bad backs. One with bad knees and hips, who, I might add, got here an hour and 45 mins LATE. 30 mins after she arrived, bed movers auto-call — be here in 15 minutes!!! I was running sprints! Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry… got front door open. 2 nice guys. They even let me bury my face on the new mattress to make sure no stink!
(Yep, no stench! Smells of ~nothing~ yay!)

After they left, I laid on my new bed and cautioned Hips-Knees Friend to not sit on edge at bottom of mattress. With no weight on the bed, the top lifts-- and cats like me do not like to fly! I turn to face the top of the bed… As I’m hooking on the top corner fitted sheet, I hear a loud CRACK! Yep, Hips-Knees had sat on the edge right near the wheel for the “low profile frame” that I got in Nov.

Sure nuff. the wheel snapped off, sheered right off. Sharp metal on frame jabbing into landlord’s carpet. Got 2 layers of cardboard to put under it. Called store. It’s a special order item!!! Gonna take a week!!!

Wail, hiss, bared-teeth, :crying_cat_face:
No. I’m (sniffle) okay (sniffle)…Wail, hiss, bared-teeth, :crying_cat_face: (I lied.)

The way things are set up for me, the 'stuff" still needs put back or … welll… just “or”… kind of like all the crap guys put around “their” recliner, and if they can’t find the remote to the VCR they never use then you gotta tear apart everything— and put it back again. I’m an OCD cat. :-1:

So then, we couldn’t find my fav soft pillowcase. Looked n looked n looked… Other bad back lady could not recall where she put it. So she looks, looks, looks… goes through the dirty ones (nothing)… goes through the clean ones (nothing). We spent an hour last night finding all the sheets & pillowcases that we’d need… After another 30 minutes of looking for that fav one today, she stands up to search more and exclaims, “There it is!!!” She was SITTING on it the whole time. Wail, hiss, bared-teeth, :crying_cat_face: What a day. LOLOL

Next was a draw sheet. We have 2 total, one to use while we wash the other. But we cannot find “one to use”. i thought it was with the other sheets—nooo! We’re searching room by room, since bad back lady and bad hips knees lady like to make “pile it” projects as they carry an item from room to room. Ugh. I’ve gone through 3 rooms 3x each. I’m staring at a pile it kind of pile they made and I suddenly realized what was wrong-- that sheet we need is not HERE.

As I explained to Bad Back, in Nov the missing sheet was ON the bed. So #1 was dirty and she took it home to her house to wash it. And in Nov, we put on Clean #2 sheet which was today now dirty and on the floor to wash it. Sooo Case of the Missing Sheet becomes Sheet is Living in Wrong Neighborhood–hers! A back up sheet (3), I’d put on the bed in Dec, so it was dirty too and ready to go to her house to be washed with #1 sheet… Ahhhhh!.

The net result— I told Bad Back there is no way I’m tearing apart the bed next week. No, not gonna happen-- unless another wheel falls off. If it does, I will slide out the bottom of the bed like an egg on a non-stick frying pan. Until then, I got a blown wheel, a metal dagger trying to stab the carpet, and a wayward sheet, no 2 wayward sheets. It may be months before Bad Back Friend brings me back all the stuff she has taken to wash…

Good news— I now own a bed without a sag---- without a sickly-sweet insecticide stench… and, with clean fresh sheets without any food crumbs, no shed fur, and no pieces of kitty litter that had stuck to my toes.

Moral: Three longtime friends who physically hurt and who are all strong willed should never attempt to do major deconstruction and reconstruction of “stuff” because nobody gets paid for 12 hours of work when it should have taken 4 hours, tops, to do all of it twice! No moral about a friend who breaks a wheel after you told her “don’t sit on the very bottom of the bed”! Bad Hips-Knees Friend better feel guilty for a lonnnnnnng time about breaking my bed frame… sniffle.

Your Mod-cat will be facing this horror again in about 3 weeks. Shudder… Pray that I survive it.





Wow, what an ordeal!!! I have to admit that during parts of the story I was in stitches, and in other parts I was worried that you would end up in stitches - having to be stitched up by a surgeon, I mean.

I’m happy that you survived that horror, and will be praying that you’ll manage any horrors in the future, too.


That’s called “Murphy’s Law.” Whenever you attempt something, something is always going to go wrong - just like when my daughter calls and wants something repaired at her house. A quick repair ends up taking hours! :grin:
And the reason I haven’t been around is because after I shut down my laptop and headed to my house, Windows refused to start up again! What? I keep on getting HP’s diagnostic program starting on boot up, diagnoses the PC, attempts repairs and fails. So far I’ve tried many options, but to no avail. Right now I borrowed my son’s laptop to go to the support website, but I figured I’d jump onto the forum for a few minutes first. :wink: One of the last options I have is to “reset” Windows (Keeping my personal files, but deleting all installed apps and their preferences) - not something I’m too keen on doing since I have a lot of paid software with lifetime licenses. :hushed:


Trick is to remember O’tooles Theorem… which is a set of observations that validate Murphy…

It simplifies down to a simple statement that fully explains Murphy…

It simply states that “Murphy is a bl**dy OPTOMIST”

Anyway, I was tuning in to see if the site was back working again… and surprise surprise… I can even log in today. and the forum link know longer mistypes the stuff when it redirects… I’m even feeling a bit better… except for the stack of unpaid bills I just found. I need a nap


I have to say, it was not amusing to go through. :frowning:

I forgot to include the 30 minutes of unclogging a Bissell. Why do designers make a hose with a 90-degree bend in it where clogs are bound to happen!? Why in all these decades can’t anyone make a non-clogging vac? Worse, don’t all parents teach to NOT run over oh---- pieces of paper less than a fingertip big, cardboard scraps someone took off a box, twist ties (oh my! cats do like to play with them but not safe for kitties either), pencils/pens and … pillowcases?! I exaggerate, but knees-Hips ran over something that clogged the hose. Just saying!

And why on a low profile frame would designers leave sharp edges and screws sticking OUT. My paws are bare when I walk along the mid-frame, my toes went under the frame, and I about suffered a laceration! No blood-- but I could have been maimed for life! How would I catch mice with a hurt swatting paw!? It must be worth at least a 5.5% Workers Comp claim for partial disability! Well, maybe just a 1% for broken skin. Sure hurts though.

Ohhh and I forgot to mention the “Really weird” thing… We don’t use the front door, except to deliver 2 beds within a few months. :wink: I’m on the enclosed porch trying to open the screen door … and attached to the outside door handle is a decoration holding 20 white Christmas bells! Oooo-K Appreciate Santa’s thought, but I can’t jingle & jangle them when they are outside. Huff!


So I take you’re having a grand old time? :wink::rofl:


The bed store is hassling me about replacing the *))@b! frame. Give me patience!

:cat2: SWAT! :cat2:

Someone changed me to golden orange from the brown. sigh. Find the file with the black kitty? :wink:


@Jim7, and now your 365 badge counter resets :frowning:
One of us has to get that Devotee badge :nerd_face:


Oh well, it’s no different than when you’re building a house of cards, get to the very top and sneeze. :laughing: You just start all over…


I haven’t had time to call the bed store about the broken wheel on the frame. But last night, a friend brought in my mail. And she hands me a small drawstring canvas bag… like a bag that holds gold nuggets. I feel it as she’s talking and I pronounce it as, “Wheel”. Someone at the bed store sent me a replacement wheel. o-kay… nice. But…

J-1 is the one with a broken clavicle and rib. She’s 71, just had hip surgery in Nov. She hasn’t even gotten to the drs yet about her clavicle (going tomorrow). She’ll be laid up at least 6 weeks.
J-2 is about 76 yrs old and just lost another inch, so she’s about 4ft 10 inches now. Bad back, bad hips, bad spine…
And I’m just an old cat with a list of hurts myself. mew

So just WHO will take off the mattress and the low-profile box springs, so we can get TO the frame? Does the store expect disabled old women to lift it all up and stick the wheel into the frame?? That is, AFTER we figure out how to remove whatever pieces are still IN the frame!

Gonna have to call the store tomorrow!

Do you think they will put some gold in the drawstring bag? :heart_eyes_cat:
:gold coin:s :heavy_multiplication_x: :gold coin:s Yippie!


At least they could’ve put some catnip in it! :heart_eyes_cat: Isn’t there anyone close by that you know that would come in and swap out the wheels for you? But, you are right, the store should have sent someone to install the replacement since it is a new bed and it broke in such short order. Snarl! Hiss! Growl! :angry:


Could your daughter do it or would she know of someone local who could.

Alternatively, is there some local handyman you could call on?


No daughter; she’s a few states away. Don’t know about handymen. For what I paid just 3 months ago, and that the guys didn’t square the box springs into the frame, the store’s guys should come back and fix it. J1 laughed when I told her they sent me a wheel.


If the frame broke that quick I would tell them to come and get it and bring me a better one for the same price. I would also drop an explanatory letter to the local BBB with details and also one to Home Adviser app for reference. something ought to get them moving. Also senior citizens groups often have an ombudsman office for such complaints for faulty, shoddy goods. And I would also kick out a letter to the owner of the store telling him how poorly his wares are working. In a word, “*(yell)”, loudly& Persistently.


Well, to continue the saga…

I finally got to call the “Bed Store” S, who sold me the mattress / box / frame, was REALLY NASTY, as was G who I think is above the other guy. With a huge attitude, S said it was my problem… go find handyman, etc. Also claimed he did not add the frame to the bill. He told me to “call the manufacturer”!

Monday, I spent 6 hours trying to find the right place in The Manufacturer. I must have spoken to 5 different places in the company. Last 2 were very nice. I was trying to be extra sweet, because I wasn’t sure IF they had a responsibility to help me.

Today I called back and told them the entire story and why I or J2 cannot lift a mattress to fix a wheel, and that the Bed Store Place told me it was my problem. And the lady says SHE will call them! (Remember, Bed Place thought I’d get no help from Manufacturer. But it turned back on THEM-- yay!)

Sunday, J2 will help me undo the room---- x3 since Nov. A 20-min fix will cost me several hours of work again.

Plum tuckered out from all the fighting for me rights!
(None of the names I used here are real businesses.)


If you missed it, Sunday will be somewhat over 3 weeks. Pray I survive!


Oh you poor kitty Cagey, this really has turned out to be such a fiasco :open_mouth:
What a headache…back ache…pain in the butt ache…frustrating as all get-out time it’s been and all for the want of a decent nights sleep :confounded:

And that can’t be right if you’re lying on the bed and someone sits on bottom edge, I wouldn’t have the top end would lift as it’s got your weight on it. I mean, even a doctor would perch on a corner when tending a patient during a house call. Surely it should be sturdier and more stable than that?

:hugs::tropical_fish::hugs::fish::hugs::fish_cake::hugs: and a gold badge for your patience and tenacity :grin:


@EmeraldEyes I really need that badge today! I earned it. LOLOL

For the next in the series of “What else can go wrong with my bed?”, I present to you “The wheel didn’t just break off, it twisted the whole bed frame!” And no, the guys did not bring a new frame (course not! too easy!), despite driving up in a great BIG BOX TRUCK!!

If I didn’t hurt so much, I would laugh. If I could just laugh, I wouldn’t be crying.

AND, just for a kicker, the newfangled low profile thingamajig that replaces a “box springs” is---- ready for this?-- bent in half and broken on the bottom end! (told ya so!) I told the store that their “box” was sagging nearly to the floor in the middle, dead center! Of course, Mr. Nasty Guy claimed “that can’t happen”. I would like to make him eat the broken thing!!

Sooo… sigh-cry… we gotta redo this all in another 3 weeks! That will be the FOURTH time since Nov.!
Nov delivery - insecticide on mattress; weather too frigid for their delivery men
Jan delivery - brought the replacement mattress
Feb visit - cannot fix frame or "box springs"

Remember in Independence Day movie when the Russian astronaut takes a hammer to a critical part that won’t start when they are trying to leave the asteroid? Well, I would like to mimic his voice, diction, and tempo as I say—
Don’t – ever-- buy–from–this–crappy–mattress–store! (imagine a very unhappy voice, cat holding big :hammer_and_pick: )

Worse, in the process of changing the bed, I figure out that they sold me a hypoallergenic pad that has a gosh-dern full rubber sheet on it! That was ok when it was zero degrees; it kept in the heat really well. But when it got up to 30s / 40s, it makes a great sauna. First thing I did was rip that reflector pad OFFf the bed! Maybe I could sew the 2 together and make a waterproof summer tent! ? LOL

Anyway, I cannot wait to call the Mfg tomorrow. If you recall, the Mfg forced the Bad-Bad Bed Store to come fix my broken wheel (e,g. now twisted frame with sheered wheel). It’ll be interesting to see what the Mfg says. Gonna ask if they can upgrade the frame for free, considering that this will be the 4th time of me becoming a “Mover” and ripping apart // putting back together this room’s contents. Think they’ll go for it?

On a good note, I still like my mattress!! Firm. Good sleep— except when I think the bad-bad Bed Store might be on the way back here… ugh, my aching back!!


Next in the series to air March 18th.

Winner: Me!

To be replaced, FREE:
One low profile bed frame.
One low profile box springs.

Store thought they had me over the barrel. Ha! They don’t know this cat is swift! Swipe with a left paw! Slice with a right paw! Merrr-owl, she hissed! They said “TomCat” and put their tail between their legs. “You want Cat Chow with your Cat Safe Milk?” they meekly asked. LOL I said, “Bring a box truck full of catnip and salmon!” (We’ll see on that.)