Oh, nooo, Wail, hiss, bared-teeth, 😿


Gettem, Cagey! Persistence pays off, along with being correct in the first place.


Abs-cat-lutely! I expected they’d make up stories of how I broke it. I planned to reply, “Yeah, the bed frame twisted as I chased a mouse around the wheel and stripped it right off!” Sure! duh.


By the way, I’ve gotten good at using non-skid pads on my paw-pads so I don’t slide right out the bottom of my bed as it slopes .


Well done Cagey yay2
I’d be expecting them to not only deliver, but assemble it all for too at no extra cost :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I don’t suppose you got the upgrade did you :smirk:


What’s the upgrade? A built-in back scratcher with a warm milk and sardine dispenser on the side? :smirk_cat::heart_eyes_cat:


All this aggravation… I bet she did get the upgrade… and it is a new version of W10… and a whole new load of problems…:sob:


:laughing: :laughing: :sweat_smile: :rofl:


Assembly - their problem
Upgrade - just trying to rescue the purchase


Ooooooo my gawd. Should I start at the beginning, middle, or end?

Oh heck, let’s start in the middle of Part 3 bed saga.

Middle— I hold in my hand a package of 5-inch steel roundhead no-slots no-point screws – with washers and nuts. They sort of look like this, but longer, thinner, with big round heads.
These were the screws that had not been tightened and almost hung loose at the top and middle of my bed. The loose heads gouged my bare toes as I walked beside the old bed/frame to make the bed. Owwwuch.

Today, the guys still brought NO tools! I offered mine-- still too lazy to USE them. However, if I have the pkg of 4 Gouging No-Slot screw, what did they use on today’s frame??

Did Deliverymen 1 use the wrong ones, or did Deliverymen 2 today use the wrong ones??

So, I find the instructions, and I see all these things they did NOT use. Like… end caps. Right angle brackets. WT…

So, I’m trying to make the bed. My paws still don’t work in shoes. And… I rammed my 2nd toe into the daggone WHEEL… 2nd time. I let out a yelp that the county Sheriff could hear!! I thought (hoped) I just scraped it. But heck no, can’t be that simple. Two seconds and shooting pain starts! I hurt my 2nd toe but it and the Great toe started throbbing. When I stood up, I heard / felt both crack! Yep, I broke my toes-- twice!

So I’m standing there, half bent over in excruciating pain (toe fractures hurt like H…!), calling for my friend but only the first and last letters came out, in an embarrassing mouse squeaky voice! I needed her help to turn and get into bed. The ends of my toes would not lift (sign that both broke at the joint heads), making it real difficult to move an inch! My friend is about 4’8" and not a medical helper, so she thinks “help me!” means putting out her hand! After lots of instruction, I teach her how to help me pivot on 1 foot. OMG. But it’s really throbbing!

Worse, my bathroom is 1/2 block away, at the rear of the house. Need I say more. Owww Owuch OMG Ow Ow

So 4’8" friend is moaning because I can’t get up to help. (Aw shucks) She got meds, water, food / snacks on the bed, and ice packs (more owies; how can you ice a big hurt when the ice hurts worse!?).

The Beginning
Co. sent 2 pple who had never been here! They had no clue. No tools. Not the brightest men. Jerks.

The best
Box Springs is even and off the floor now.

The worst
The mattress has a slight dip down the center of it to the bottom. Mind you, it was delivered in January– still new. So I think the dip was because the frame snapped and that split the bottom wood on the box springs and dipped the mattress too.
Plan on calling the Frame manufacturer and the mattress folks too. Do servicemen really think they can hand tighten screws and nuts?? Gotta find out what parts they skipped… and if the frame will hold without them?

Tired kitty… :crying_cat_face:

P.S. It’s okay to laugh and smirk. (ow… really, it’s ok)


image :crying_cat_face:

Could they just be spares :thinking:


No, @cageycat, this time no even I will laugh - even a little bit! This is a tragedy. I’m so sorry for you, and I don’t know what to say that would be of any help to you right now.


Well are there any the ones like those that gouged your toes loose, if not then maybe the new frame has the right fitting ones now:thinking:

You are either in your bed, or in your shoes, so it pays to invest in both! Cagey my friend, there’s nothing else for it . . . you’re just gonna have ta start wearin them boots…:wink:


How is the paw by the way, do we need to send in some emergency catnip

That’s my son’s trick you know, stubbing his toes :unamused: usually when he’s going through a growing spurt :roll_eyes: always, always, always . . . I despair

Actually, come to think of it, last time he did that was in our bedroom, kick the leg of the bed, dramatically dives on our bed in agony…and broke it :open_mouth:


hehe, I’m recovering. I swear I break toes just by breathing. Has to do with my old injuries.

Ice has helped. The middle toe is now having SS-- Sympathy Swelling. Two swell on top, third swells in its pad on the bottom. Hurts up to the heel, though.

What can I say! I’m just a crack up! (If you like that joke, yes, you can change it to say it to your son next time he breaks something. :smiley: )

Bed has not collapsed yet. We’re doing better, right? But to be on the safe side, I think I should buy folding chairs so nobody sits on my bed again.

Well, another month until next project. Asked my SIL to put in my air conditioners this year. Gonna think of all the little things that he can do that I can’t - rofl.


Actually, I think I will :smiley: He always gets clumsy when he’s going through a growing spurt and he always goes through a growing spurt in the run up to his birthday…and he’s 17 on Wednesday :grimacing:…and he’s been sleeping a lot…maybe bed’s the safest place for him :laughing:

On second thought, nah nah he’ll probably manage to kick the wall or the foot of his bed or some such thing.
He’s had 2 partial nail removals over the past five years due to the damage his toes get :sweat_smile:


Cat walk on a hot tin roof? :scream_cat:




Reminded of the time our grandson - about 4 or 5 years old at the time - hit my wife in the nose with a soft ball… from about 6 inches/15 cm away. Crack! Broke her nose! After a while she went had some surgery and the doc fixed her nose (straightened it back up) and she could breath out of it properly. Exactly one week later, while playing on the floor with him. he said, “Grandma!” She looked up and smack-crack! Right in the nose with that same ball and re-broke her nose! :hushed: :slightly_frowning_face: :expressionless: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :slightly_smiling_face: :grinning: :grin: :rofl: I know… I’m bad! But my wife swore she would never go through that operation again. Said that the recovery pain was worse than that pain! And she never did. That was 17 years ago. And then there’s the time she opened the door real quick, caught her toes and broke three of them. As she went to turn around - in pain with her eyes closed and still holding onto the doorknob - she stepped right into the edge of the door, nearly knocking herself out! Staggering over to the kitchen table to sit on the chair, she kicked the table leg with her broken toes - and screamed. I swear they could hear her up in the village from here! Oh course I didn’t laugh (out loud), but she did catch me smirking quite widely as I was shaking my head. :innocent: Shame on me! I know it hurt very badly, but to see her go from the toes to the forehead was just too comical! Looked like she was in a slapstick comedy skit. :grinning: Oh… and now I’m laughing just thinking about it. :laughing:
The one thing that always happens when you injure a toe or finger is that each time you bump it - when you would never even notice if it wasn’t injured - is that it’s almost as bad as injuring it the same way again! Wear a lot of pillows around your paw, @cageycat. I hope the pain subsides quickly and your toes heal as fast as possible. You don’t want any other cats beating you to the catnip/ :smiley_cat:




My hubby crack his knee on the end of the bed last Friday morn getting ready for work. Goes into work and cracks the other knee on a metal cabinet beneath his desk, so now he’s got a match set…of black’n’blue, purple’n’yellow knees :laughing: