Oh, nooo, Wail, hiss, bared-teeth, 😿


I’ll tell you and @cageycat right now… I’m staying away from you people! Your hubby and Cagey are an accident waiting to happen! :rofl:


I don’t know what to say @cageycat other than to take care of your paws and get well soon. :cat: You need all your claws working so you can take care of the big bad bed people :paw_prints:


I have the 2 types of osteo… All I have to do is walk to break a toe. My doctor used to order an X-ray at home, just to say “yep, broken”. After he saw osteo, we don’t even bother doing X-rays.

This time, it got me out of going to see my doc on Wednesday, cos I can’t put a shoe on. Irony, huh-- broken bone & joints, but do NOT see your doc.

My ride (the bed-sitter who broke my bed) was to call to cancel the appt. But at 8:40 am, the office left a message on her phone that my Doc was taking Weds off. Ironies abound!

I’m trying to decide whether to become a bunny and hop out to the kitchen to get a slice of cold pizza. My luck, I’d hop the wrong way and break toes in the other foot! Anyone able to bring me pizza? hint hint

Licking my wounds… btw, why does swelling make hurt places ITCH !? maddening!


Ooooo like those paw prints!


I was told by a chiropractor that the itching is from bones and joints that are injured or are healing - like from a “boo-boo” such as yours. Sorry I can’t scratch it for you. :slightly_frowning_face: That must be the reason why people go crazy when they have an arm, leg or foot in a cast… healing = itching = insane desire to scratch where one can’t reach! :wink:


Hey, I got my nephew one of these image bubble wrap suits for his 18th (football…he was always breaking something)

image You need a pair of these :smiley:



I heard they stopped making bubble wrap. is that T or F?

pop! :cat2: owwwch I forgot…


False as far as I’m aware, I can still buy it in the stores, on eBay and Amazon here :thinking:


Hang in there Cagey! You have definitely had a poor winter. I wish I was closer so I could zip over and help. Now that I can see clearer , I am able to get more done. :bed::pray::smile_cat::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


They still make bubble wrap. I bought a big roll for packaging some things… and the girls very sneakingly pulled out enough to wrap themselves in… then proceeded to start popping by walking/stomping on it. They also grabbed a long strip of air pillows as well because as the girls said, “they make really loud pops!” :hushed: (Grandma hates the sound of popping balloons, so this multiple popping made her leave the room. :grinning:


Hows the paws Cagey…all snug in their bubblewrap? :wink:

Well would you believe, my son did as I predicted :face_with_raised_eyebrow: He managed to kick a baluster just coming out of his room :open_mouth:shrug
And then proceeds to blame the house for being so small and the sewing box cluttering up the landing…which was no where near him :astonished: Then proceeds to hobble into his sister’s room and then downstairs leaving a trail blood spots behind him :unamused:

:roll_eyes: Such a drama queen tea10


I hope you had him clean up his “mess!” :smiley:



The new frame is holding up. Found out the delivery guys used the headboard bolts on the entire frame… which did not tighten down… so the frame twisted and broke. So they replaced the frame and the wire cage “not really box springs”. Okie dokie!

But… the once-very firm bed has a dip straight down the middle. So one more time (cry), we have to tear apart the room for them to deliver a(nother) new mattress. So over this bed business.

Been raining for 2 days & I hurt. Trying to get delivery latest in April that we can. Only real good thing about all these bed problems is getting sheets and mattress pad covers changed so frequently-- once was 2x in less than 2 weeks LOL.

Too bad the delivery guys don’t reassemble rooms, remake the bed, and do laundry, too. My broken toes still hurt, but not as bad.


Teach him how not to bleed.

batting :eyes:


Yeah! Dogs and cats lick their toes when they bleed, and my granddaughter (Brianna) found out she can put her toes in her mouth, so maybe he should lick the blood from his toes before wondering around the house dripping all over the place! :rofl:


not my suggestion!!

swatting at Jim


Oh the toe was fast forgotten…his new fancy pancy, super dooper, fast computer arrived with tempered glass casing so you can its innards and flashy rainbow lights, keyboard and mouse light up too. Oh, and the light show can dance to music too :open_mouth:

So once he’s got all he wants downloaded onto it, he’ll disappear up into his room never to be seen again :worried: Right now it’s all on the living room floor 'cos hubby insists it will be quicker downloading with cable from the rooter to the computer rather than wireless. I’m sure it must be a day and a half downloading stuff…so much for super dooper fast computer. I’d be quicker driving into town buying software on disk; drive home and install done in a few hours surely I would have thought…he recons not :confused:

Suppose I shouldn’t poke fun at it all and make the most of what time I have left of him before he does disappear :smirk: And actually I happy for him 'cos he’s worked hard and saved hard for the past year to buy this; he’s earned it :wink:


What always used to irk me was that by the time the newest computer processors were massed produced and installed into new machines, and then sold to the public, that technology was already “old!” Newer, faster processors had been developed and were waiting for manufacturers to set up their machines to mass-produce them. They say the slowest part of the process is the mass-production and distribution of them. Still, I don’t mind an “old” new machine. :rofl: