One way (I assume) we taught DG computers


From DigitalGlobe Facebook post

"America’s southwest is abundant in #solar resources. Here’s how we can understand it at scale by using building footprints to detect solar panels across the #Denver metro area.… "

Need to see the short video to understand the title I used on this post:


As technology gets better, they’ll still need us tomnodders to identify smaller items like …any ideas? Number of people waiting at borders crossings? Number of cigarette butts on the beach? Number of ticks on a dog :joy: For those who have the money, pay to have tomnodders check your dog for ticks. Just make sure you place your pet in a well-lit area at the appropriate time to catch the correct satellite imagery!


I’m meowling! You forgot fleas on ticks. Or counting grains of sand.

Did you do the longboat one? Or the fish traps? (that was …fun) Or China boats?

Gotta get @EmeraldEyes @Jim7 and anyone else to go through images and get a campaign llsting.

Hungry… flying out to next house…



I have a list of all the campaigns I have taken part in, if that is what you want (and I’ve taken part in (almost) all of them since MH370).


That would be great Shaul! Thank you.


Just checking, so I understand it correctly – you’re looking for a list of ALL campaigns, right?


That would be very kind. Mods started a list. I’ll look for my list of early campaigns when I get a chance.


These are the Tomnod campaigns I’ve participated in, or taken notice of. The month given next to the campaign name is an approximation of the month when the campaign begun.

  1. MH370 Indian Ocean Search. March 2014
  2. Tornadoes in Southern and Midwestern U.S. April 2014
  3. Hawaii Challenge. June 2014
  4. Nigeria villages 01. August 2014
  5. Yunnan Earthquake 2014. August 2014
  6. Attagara (Nigeria) Attack (Boko Haram) 2014. September 2014
  7. Global Forest Watch: Sumatra. September 2014
  8. Severe Flooding in Kashmir, India. September 2014
  9. Hurricane Odile strikes Baja California, Mexico. September 2014
  10. Boko Haram 112014. October-November 2014
  11. Save the Tunante II. October 2014
  12. Mapping Airplanes. October 2014
  13. Cyclone Hudhud, India. October 2014
  14. Protests in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. October 2014
  15. Global Forest Watch: Sumatra. November 2014
  16. Missing helicopter in the Tyva Republic, Russia. November 2014
  17. Violent protests in Ferguson, Missouri. November 2014
  18. Typhoon Haiyan THEN: Remap damage right after the storm. December 2014
  19. Typhoon Hagupit strikes the Philippines. December 2014
  20. Mapping Remote African Villages. December 2014
  21. Missing AirAsia flight QZ 8501. December 2014
  22. Exoplanet test. January 2015
  23. Wildfire near Adelaide, Australia. January 2015
  24. Severe storm in Lilongwe, Malawi. January 2015
  25. Monitor offshore fishing. January 2015
  26. Elephant poaching in Garamba. January 2015
  27. Lost Catamaran and Crew at Sea. March 2015
  28. Citizen Science: Object Detection. March 2015
  29. Missing Catamaran and Crew. April 2015
  30. 7.8 Earthquake hits Nepal, April 26 2015. May 2015
  31. Map road damage in Nepal. May 2015
  32. Flooding in Houston. May 2015
  33. Swaziland: Building detection. June 2015
  34. Map remote populations (in Asia). June 2015
  35. Map remote populations (in Pakistan and Afghanistan). June/July 2015
  36. Mapping Swaziland. June/July 2015
  37. Validate Public Sourced Data: Religiuos Sites. August 2015
  38. Australia: Map Solar Panels. August 2015
  39. Iraq: Map Religious Sites. August 2015
  40. Building Detection: Swaziland. August 2015
  41. Just for fun: August 2015 (Yellowstone National Park). August 2015
  42. Indonesia Airfields. August 2018
  43. Hong Kong: Boat Traffic. August 2018
  44. Washington State: Wildfires. September 2015
  45. Just for fun: September 2015. Explore the Pyramids of Giza. September 2015
  46. Spain and Australia: Solar Panels. September 2015
  47. Cocos Island: Protect Marine Life. September 2015
  48. Australia: Swimming Pools. September 2015
  49. Indonesia: Monuments. September 2015
  50. Clearwater Complex Fire. September 2015
  51. Japan: Flooding. September 2015
  52. Chile Earthquake. September 2015
  53. India: Change detection. September 2015
  54. California: Butte Fire. September 2015
  55. California: Valley Fire. September 2015
  56. Indonesia: Illegal burning. September 2015
  57. Mali: Agricultural fields DRAW. September 2015
  58. Texas: Building footprints DRAW. September 2015
  59. Laredo: Validate building footprints. October 2015
  60. Baltics: Nautical infrastructure. October 2015
  61. Mexico: Hurricane Patricia. October 2015
  62. Ghana: Child slavery. October 2015
  63. Indonesia: Verify buildings. October 2015
  64. Los Angeles: Validate cars. November 2015
  65. South Sudan: Food Security. November 2015
  66. South Australia: Pinery Brushfire. December 2015
  67. Philippines: Typhoon Melor. December 2015
  68. India (Chennai): Flooding. December 2015
  69. Swaziland: Population mapping. December 2015
  70. Houston: Construction detection. December 2015
  71. Libya: Human trafficking. December 2015
  72. (Northern) England: Flooding. December 2015
  73. MidWestern USA: Flooding. January 2016
  74. Argentina: Flooding. January 2016
  75. Australia: Waroona bushfire. January 2016
  76. Southwest USA: Oil wells. January 2016
  77. Ethiopia: Population mapping. January-October 2016 [Seven parts]
  78. Bejing Buildings DRAW. February 2016
  79. Ramadi: Damage Assessment. March 2016
  80. Adelaide: Swimming pools. March 2016
  81. California: Construction Detection. March 2016
  82. Japan: Earthquake. April 2016
  83. Ecuador: Earthquake. April 2016
  84. Libya: Ghost Boat. April 2016
  85. Canada: Wildfire (Alberta). May 2016
  86. Australia: Algorithm Validation. May 2016
  87. South Africa: Vehicle Validation. June 2016
  88. North America: Bird Migration Playas. June 2016
  89. Antarctica: Weddell Seals. July 2016
  90. Louisiana: Flooding. August 2016
  91. Mapping islands. August 2016
  92. Italy: Earthquake. August 2016
  93. Airport and Airstrip Mapping. September 2016
  94. Search and rescue Colorado, USA. September 2016
  95. Hurricane Matthew. October 2016 [SW peninsula of Haiti]
  96. New Zealand Earthquake Mapping. November 2016
  97. Congo Population Mapping. November 2016
  98. Antarctica: Weddell Seals #2. April(?) 2017
  99. Looting in Peru. April 2017
  100. South Sudan Settlements 2017. May 2017
  101. Locate Missing Sailboat. June 2017
  102. Hurricane Harvey, Texas. August 2017
  103. Hurricane Irma. September 2017
  104. Antarctic Weddell Seals. September 2017
  105. Hurricane Maria (Puerto Rico). September 2017
  106. Weddell Seals: Western Antarctic Peninsula, Astrid Olaf & Weddell Seas. October 2017
  107. South Sudan: Food Insecurity 2016. December 2017
  108. South Sudan: Food Insecurity 2017. December 2017
  109. Weddell Seals: Mawson & Davis Adare Seas. December 2017
  110. Cyclone Gita, Tonga. February 2018
  111. Weddell Seals: Final Search Area Reduction Campaign!. March 2018
  112. Baseball Season (Fun campaign). April 2018
  113. #WithRefugees: A Look at the Refugee Crisis from Above. June 2018
  114. Slavery from Space: Punjab. June 2018
  115. #WithRefugees: A Look at the Refugee Crisis from Above, Western Asia. June 2018
  116. Satellite over Seals: The Great Weddell Seal Count!. June 2018
  117. #WithRefugees: A Look at the Refugee Crisis from above, Bangladesh. June 2018
  118. Satellites over Seals: Ross Sea Weddell Seal Count!. July 2018
  119. Slavery from Space: Punjab Area 2. July 2018
  120. Satellites over Seals: Amundsen Sea Weddell Seal Count!. August 2018
  121. #WithRefugees: A Look at the Refugee Crisis from Above, Africa Area 2. August 2018
  122. Satellites over Seals: East Antarctica Weddell Seal Count Area 1! August 2018
  123. Satellites over Seals: East Antarctica Weddell Seal Count Area 2! September 2018
  124. Satellites over Seals: Queen Maud Land Seal Count. September 2018
  125. Western Wildfires: Post-Fire Support. October 2018

Interesting read

Oh my goodness, have we really done all those campaigns :open_mouth:
Ok, there are a few I did do, but the majority I do remember, wow.

Unfortunately when I started my collection of images, they were saved and filed without any reference to the campaign or country. Now looking through Shaul’s list, I know I haven’t got images from every campaign, particularly SAR campaigns, I suppose taking pics was the last thing I’d think of during those :slightly_frowning_face:

Thank you very much Shaul for posting your comprehensive list, much appreciated :blush:


Wow, thanks for the comprehensive list, Shaul!
I knew we’d completed quite a few campaigns, but I didn’t realise it was QUITE that many… I’ve not participated in all of them, but definitely had a small input into most.


I found another campaign that we had - one that I did not work on. It began in July, 2015.
Validate Bridge Data. July 2015
(DigitalGlobe Human Geography)
Validate Bridge Data

I think I’m going to go through @Shaul’s list just to see how many campaigns I’ve worked on myself. Seems I’ve worked on more than I thought. :thinking:

Thanks again, Shaul.

Edit: I thought I should add the ending date for this campaign - July 29, 2015. This campaign also ran congruently with Mapping Swaziland and Validate Building Footprints campaigns… maybe another one or two? I seem to remember at one time there were 5 campaigns running at once. Maybe it was during this time?