Other Tomnod like websites?



I was wondering if their is any other websites like tomnod, when “anonymous” people can help to do/find something for free.

Do you know other sites like it ?

Thank you.


I guess it depends on what you like to do and your preferred country. I’ve heard about:

  • The National Archives - You “tag” historical documents and photos from a wide variety of fields / sources, by typing a keyword or word description for what you see or read in the item. I found it too restrictive for my tastes. I did not like their user interface. And, there is no interaction with anyone, like we have here on Tomnod.

  • I saw an animal tagging group talked about on Facebook. I forget the name. I was curious so went to try it. Their type of tagging was a lot different from Tomnod and the software seemed more basic. I left after one evening’s exploration.

  • Once again, I forget the name; it was mentioned in a thread on this Forum. There were tasks to do, but you would have to use multiple websites to “do” any task, and you had to make sure the “main site” kept track of tasks you did. The Nodders who looked at it were unimpressed; none wanted to get involved.

Overall, I think Tomnod has the best platform for multiple users in terms of the look & feel, ease of use, lowest rate of potential confusion for members, plus a Forum in which to chat. Tomnod usually gives a variety of campaigns throughout the year, enough to hold my interest. Plus, I like the aspect of giving back through humanitarian campaigns.

But like with everything, sometimes people take short breaks in between campaigns. I take my breaks on a free Question-Answer website that encourages ordinary people to share their knowledge. I’m also teaching myself how to a website using CSS (I haven’t gotten it done, though, with my injuries). And, I write when the mood strikes me.



This is a link to the National Archives Crowdsourcing information.


Is that website “Quora”? I hit that up every few days. Some questions are really unbelievable, but most are serious and wanting. Those are the ones I usually respond/answer. I also enjoy reading some of the answers others have given as well.


There are lots of sites which provide these kinds of things.

Note: Advertising is not permitted. Web URL removed.


Advertising the review of a Netgear router according to the URL. Didn’t go to it, but the URL tells it all.