Plane crash soccer player Emiliano Sala



is it possible to launch a campaign for the plane crash of the soccer player Emiliano Sala. It occured on monday the 21st of january 2019 next to Guernesey island. I am sure many people would help.

Thank you


I’d echo this - it’s a reasonably small area by comparison to past campaigns and no trace has yet been found by air or sea searches.


Yes it is a small area and i am sure many people would help. But i agree other topics imply more than 2 people lives


Unfortunately, Tomnod has found that it is very difficult to locate missing planes or missing persons.

Tomnod does not even take on campaigns without on-the-ground contact to accept the data. For example, SAR can request. The last piece is if Tn has collected imagery near the time post-crash / post-missing info.

Here is the newer request form:

Please note this data:
Highlight on Search and Rescue

Though volunteers tried very hard in each of those campaigns, the most positive outcomes were adding to Nodders’ search experiences with differentiating between land forms, water forms, natural scenery, and our hoped-for but false sightings. Plus, through many campaigns, Nodders showed how impossible it is to “see” anything that sunk below a water line.

Unfortunately, a ditched plane over the English Channel does not offer much hope of survival. (“Officials have said that if the missing plane went down in the cold, rough waters, there was little chance that the two people aboard were still alive.”)

How sad. I hope both the pilot and player Sala are at peace after a very frightening event.

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ok thank you. I’ve sent an email to Guernesey police who is in charge of the research. We will see if they are interested in filling the form


I can promise you that if a Tomnod founder’s child was lost at sea, there would certainly be a tomnod campaign asking for crowd-sourced volunteers to help find them.


You may be right, but I think it’s doubtful, simply because they saw how hard it was to find useful tagged data despite how hard Nodders searched images in numerous campaigns. .

Tomnod will evaluate requests they receive. Please remember the satellite images produced do not see under water. It is very unlikely in that rough storm that the plane held together, whether in air or as it crashed into rough seas…

I hope ground-sea search efforts find the location or remnants of the plane…


I see where you are coming from but we’re talking about a small area (tiny compared to MH370) and I don’t think it’s been unusually rough. From experience of sailing there, strong tides, particularly around springs as we are at the moment (tidal range about 9m/30ft), are likely to be a bigger problem. The hope would be that a liferaft, floating debris or a fuel slick might be spotted.



It isn’t my decision to make. But I am trying to clarify info about the types of problems we’ve encountered before with water searches. Even with a small area, it would be hard to spot debris from a small plane that likely broke up, and that has been subjected to rough seas.

Quoted from the article…

“…control lost contact with the plane when it was at 2,300ft. John Fitzgerald, chief officer of the Channel Islands Air Search, said: “I can’t see how anybody could survive in such temperatures for that length of time.[”]

“Looking at the sea conditions today it’s very rough out there, there’s a good strong wind blowing, with sea conditions [that] are pretty horrendous.”


Search now called off :frowning: .


That’s sad. RIP. :pensive:


I’ve been a bit occupied with personal problems… so I’ve had my head down a bit focusing on that…
But have been following this topic since hearing it on the TV…

I have now had time to review the online postings here and on the internet regarding the story… briefly…
I am going to spend some time working on it just to get a better picture though… it is sort of my field.

Anyway one thing that stands out clearly is that the local SAR people both British and French have done a creditable job, based on the Stand Down note from Guernsey Police… which stated that a whole range of modern tech was used… in addition to the usual hands on deck stuff… sea surface, land surface on the islands, and aerial resources including aircraft and SATELLITE imagery examination… I read that as Military resources, who have access to things we don’t… and they have it almost instantly… Much better that way… Time is of the essence and little was wasted…

Sad news as always in such an occurrence. I guess the nature of the player fame is even more tragic to people… makes it personal. But the search would be just as important to the searchers regardless of fame… lives are lives. And they stood down as always… pending further actionable clues… which is always the case in missing people…


Been doing follow up reading on the history a bit… more on the web now… I didn’t pick up on the time of day at first… guess I was tired… that and being over the other side of the pond… quite a bit about the pilot and some of it might be in error… but seems to hold that he wasn’t likely to have been a first choice for most people… apparently even he wasn’t happy about a night flight according to someone claiming knowledge of the pilot thru BPA (British Parachute Association ) where they flew jumpers… aside from having a fair bit of experience flying in daylight and less in the dark, if any… there was the weather.
Anyway we will let the investigation take it’s course… and speaking of that it seems there is a strong pressure from family and team mates new and old to get back to searching… might be a nudge to look wider for debris… and who knows who might get a tasking… if someone accepts… but it is getting time dated… now… but what would it hurt other than imaging costs… who knows the Military might release some of their imagery properly redacted of course… ha.

I know I could find time to do some… even in a faint hope cause… right…?


Imaging costs are pretty expensive, plus it requires a re-tasking of where to image.

The way things have been explained before, satellites continuously image in long strips and send those when it “phones home”. These are pre-set routes over areas, or per paid customers’ needs.

HOWEVER, remember last year when Melissa (Staff) told us that the satellites typically do NOT do pre-set routes over bodies of water, because water is NOT what customers usually want.

So, sometimes, like Hurricane Maria, Tomnod must REQUEST a re-tasking and they get it in during short pauses in other tasking. This request has a cost, which DG must absorb (now Maxar). Then, they still must process the strips, stitch them together and make them as if bent around a globe shape, and cut out most of the excess water scenes, etc-- all of which costs money for Staff to do, They also must make sure they have pre images in the archives (or the campaign could be useless for Nodders).

All of these tidbits go into their review of requests, plus what ground / water / air authorities say about the viability of a campaign— plus their own knowledge of what works. With no intention of being mean, I repeat that the chances of finding a private plane that crashed over // into water (even a small area) where local authorities have called off SAR, is so slim.

It’s sad, like when the sub went missing. It’s tough to try to explain why DG might not be able to do what we want, even though everyone feels the pain of friends, family, loved ones. :frowning:


It was interesting this morning to read on a pilots’ website (PPRuNe) that some of their contributors had tried to contact Tomnod but had been, as far as I could see, left believing that Tomnod no longer exists.(eg post #37 at )


RIP. I hope for the family’s sake, at some point, there is closure.


@Thistle I wish I could see the post you’re talking about but my computer reports that site isn’t secure.


No problems with that site AFIK. I’ve used it occasionally and never with any ill effects. Post 37 is as follows
"Does anyone know what happened to Tomnod, the people who acquired satellite images and asked the community to examine them for tell tale signs of anything useful? (No sign at

These people:"


That doesn’t say they don’t think Tn exists, but that they didn’t see any campaign for the plane at Unfortunate. But as I’ve explained, tasking is expensive so DG / TN probably have to choose what campaigns to do.

I’d tell them that Tomnod is still here. :smile: :