Plane crash soccer player Emiliano Sala


It’s not that. My PC and software use some pretty stringent “No!” factors if a site uses old security. So my PC says nope, not going there. It’s too much work to go change settings on all that software just to visit one website.


I accessed that site without any problems. I read quite a lot in the comments section. Tomnod was mentioned twice.
Oops… Forgot to copy the link to the second comment. It was a ways down from the first. Interesting read however (comments).


… and a 3rd one later saying that Tomnod was no more. As a non-pilot, I’m not going to register on a pilots’ forum but it would be good if someone would tell them that Nodders are still on their starting blocks and raring to go.


I accessed it also without issues.


Again, that isn’t the problem.

My PC and software are set to only accept https. My PC / software will not show http (no s). Https uses today’s accepted secure coding.

It’s the same reason I and other webmasters have to change old webpages from htm to html because the hosting company has tightened their security coding on their end, Between hosting co coding, along with PC / software settings, htm pages / sites may never get seen in the future… .


I have no problem using that site… https; is there and working… sounds a bit like that session of stuff labled as insecure is affecting you again… I will mention that I use Chrome on a PC… that is up to date with security… I can say that there are some images and video (YT) that might cause such an alert…

They were off site links… and that sometimes did it for me in the last session of problems…

As for registering there… I’ve been visiting and still have to get caught up… so time is tight right now…
and there is a lot to read on the site first… but might be able to cut that back for the TN comment…

No qualms about fitting… although not currently active due to heatlh, I can see my my two PPLs from where I sit. If anyone cared to ask there… Would you mind if I copied your explanation of the reasons in this thread… I know that is sometimes touchy… no name, but could be ‘moderator’ or such… if you want anything at all… I doubt I could explain that as clearly… especially right now… but I’m going to keep reading… I’ve stated that I’m happy to sit it out at this stage, but did comment on the amount of pressure from some important people over there… and the fact that they will continue… so they should fund the costs IMHO… if any… probably won’t happen… Anyway I could do that part… and maybe point out that it isn’t lack of interest… just a reality of life…


Here is the message I get:

This site (the pprune site) can’t provide a secure connection uses an unsupported protocol.



The client and server don’t support a common SSL protocol version or cipher suite. This is likely to be caused when the server needs RC4, which is no longer considered secure.


@Doug4 Yes, you have my permission to copy my post that begins with …

Imaging costs are pretty expensive, plus it requires a re-tasking of where to image. etc.

( Plane crash soccer player Emiliano Sala)

Or, post the link to it.

Attach to it these lines:::::
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Roger, Wilco

It may be tomorrow…and I mean Monday but more than 2 hours…

And I will say that I didn’t try the other PPRUNE site… still reading the first one…

Edit: Now posted, but may be a while until it is posted subject to their moderator approval since I’m a new guy… ha…


I have registered and posted that linked to the person who mentioned it there in Jim’s link.

The have rules for new posters… so had to dumb down links to text… but they are there. after a few more posts (9) I can post URLs… Anyway I put the word there… and now need to get back to life…

I did read most of the posts… and they are largely discussing insurance and licensing plus air regs…

Edit: I think it is now active on that site… what is there passed inspection… and that site is available to non - pilots who take the time to register… nice to have valid interest of course… that for @Thistle etc.


And some experiences some pilots have had. Some posts were interesting.


Thanks for doing that! Even just mentioning we are here might dispel some wrong info.

Now if we can get through these campaigns and see if Tn will have something new for us. :smiley: :arrow_double_up:


I did add to the body that we had had contact with a few early posters and directed them to the appropriate sources to consider applying… but that time was likely very short. which had been a limiting factor… then followed with your posting… I may be able to fix the links later on… when I do some more posting…


I was reading on their site last evening and the current thing is a privately contracted sea bottom search using Side Scanning Sonar to see if they can locate the wreckage… that was said to start ‘on the weekend’, but no clear indication of what dates… I’m figuring it would not be last weekend so the first weekend of February seems the most logical… and I’m sure they have permitting and weather to account for as well… They are still ‘discussing’ the regulatory side and the pilot qualifications etc. Seems the area is full of less than ideal ‘charter’ aircraft and operators who offer cheap but otherwise legally loose services…


Heard on our news this evening that they may have found some cushions from the Piper washed up on a beach…

Hopefully this find might provide some answers, or at least give the search effort a targeted area to look at.


I saw that while on the pprune site… this morning… someone popped it in…

The article I saw suggested that it was over by the French Nuke plant… one of the readers on there pointed out that the news release quoted likely had a typo in the beach name… needed a ‘t’ in it but beyond that my memory fails… perhaps surtainville or such… they skipped the ‘t’. I’ll correct that later on but the government is also planning a seabed search in that area of their own… and they are coordinating with the private contractor who will be out as well… to best search a larger area…

Edit: I just looked at that BBC you posted… and they have it all corrected there and stuff on the other group… as I said… thanks for that…


I’ve just read that they’ve found the wreckage of the plane…

Sad for the families, but at least it should provide some closure for them.


Very sad, but as you say @Helen, I hope it gives the family some closure.


Sad news… but not unexpected… good work though… that isn’t as easy as it sounds…

Good to remember the adage that guides a lot of SAR activity…

“Hope for the best, Prepare for the worst”
Most of the time it is somewhere in the upper part of the bell curve, but favourable results.

Now the investigation will really get down to the legalities and causal details, but most of it is simply going to be what has been discussed… who set it up and why did they use the most marginal means.


This from BBC earlier today…

Body Recovered

I was going to post something on a body, but this superceded the one I was going to use.

Recovery team was forced off site due to weather again.