Possible to mark map cloud blocked?


by tagging several map block as cloud blocked, it can save bandwidth, computer processing, and also volunteer processing.

Also, it provide opportunity for 2nd satellite image.

I would recommended to have 3 category, normal image, impaired image, useless image.

So, if a map block vote 100 times and over 1/2 as useless than it will be skipped and flag for re-image.


Hi @AntonyLee

That’s a good suggestion. The API (the platform Tn created) has a limit of 3 slots for tag labels. It won’t fit more tags in that space (top left of the image screen). Plus, if the tag-label box gets bigger, it could interfere with Nodders being able to see part of the screen.

That said, however, Tomnod is collecting our feedback to review if they decide to redesign the API. I believe they did this design just last year, so no changes are planned right now.

I’m not on Staff, but from what I’ve gathered, Tomnod’s analysts do see when images contain cloud cover. It is often the reason they re-task the satellite on a different day to see if they can get less clouds (if the weather cooperates).

Tomnod Mod


Sorry, I as a IT person, say that is lame.

I +1 the OP.

If you have a ‘significant’ number of people tagging ‘cloud’, future server responses should just respond with a, eg pure white frame.


Hi all! There is no limit, from a technical standpoint, to the number of tags we can include in a campaign. We’ve found, however, that in many cases we get better data when there are fewer choices to choose from.

With that being said, it’s a good idea to enable Nodders to tell us when a map tile is 100% cloud covered. In fact, we have already done that (it just happens behind the scenes). By not placing any tags on a map tile, you are essentially telling us there is nothing of interest there. After a few people view a map tile and don’t tag anything, it’s priority score is lowered.

Priority score: While Nodders usually have the ability to navigate around an image at their own free will, there is also an option to click the “Jump to Priority Area” button toward the top left corner of your screen. This will send you to the highest priority areas. These priority areas recalculate every time our CrowdRank algorithm runs, which is at least every 90 minutes, for each active campaign.

Jump to Priority Area is highlighted below in orange:

*There is a chance that pressing this button sends you to a cloudy area. This might be because when people are navigating on their own, they tend to not navigate into cloudy areas, so sometimes they are the last to be seen by Nodders.

On the cloud cover issue, our Satellite Operations & FirstLook teams record metadata on every image we collect over a tasking AOI. They will continue tasking the satellites with the goal of getting cloud-free images. We will add and prioritize these areas as new images are collected.


Thank you. That was a question I was thinking about asking.