Profile page problems?


Hi, I’m new around here. I wonder if anyone else is having problems with their Profile page?
Basically I get no content: the statistics across the top all have zeros.
The campaigns segment just has loading icon and ‘Loading campaigns’.
I’ve done about 1.3k tiles on the Congo campaign, so I’d expect to see something somewhere in my profile.
Using the Chrome developer tools, all the resources are loading (HTTP 200 responses), so no script blocking or ad blocking is going on. The only warnings I see are for there not being a valid Google Maps API key … is Tomnod getting distracted from their own campaigns whilst supporting the GlobalXplorer project?


Welcome to Tomnod, Ben.
Your profile statistics are only updated after each campaign has finished and all data points has been processed. The length of time for this processing depends on the amount of data points collected and the number of users. Hope this answers your question. To answer your question about TOMNOD users being distracted by GlobalXplorer. This project is still in the planning stages and should be operational soon. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


In addition to what AKE said, the separate profile page has not worked in some time.

The GlobalXplorer project is not a separately supported task. I believe the GX will be used on crowdsourcing as possibly a new platform for us. We’ll have to wait and see, though-- they haven’t announced any of the details yet. :expectantly looking forward: :cat2:

I do know it is supposed to be an exciting project borne from 2016 TED Talks $Million Prize winner, Sarah Parcak, for archaeological sites. Our former Forum Mod member Ruth was so excited about this! If you haven’t seen Sarah’s talk, it’s quite interesting!! I feel confident that after Tn test drives this for archaeology, someone will come up with other new uses in combo with new WV4. :slight_smile:

Tomod Mod


Thanks for the answers. That’s much clearer.
I shall look forward to seeing progress soon :slight_smile: