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As a profit-making, public company listed on the New York Stock Exchange, what type of remuneration, if any, does DigitalGlobe get from its clients for the work done with these volunteer, crowdfunding projects?

New York Times listing for DigitalGlobe (Stock Symbol: DGI) :


Fair play to them if they’re making a profit and isn’t that a good thing if they can afford to keep TN going too? The way I see it, DG are a business who took TN under their umbrella (bought) and so if they didn’t have that profit making enterprise we wouldn’t have TN or TN alone may not have had the finances/resources to develop this humanitarian and potentially life saving resource :slight_smile:


The response I received below from a Ruth Pastor didn’t really answer my question.

I skimmed DigitalGlobe’s financial statement for 2014, filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Aside from the US Government being DigitalGlobe’s largest customer, I couldn’t tell who was paying for the satellite time for projects like Indonesia.

Who or what entity is the client for Indonesia?

(Ruth Pastor’s response to my original inquiry:
“Well if @HappyMapper were here she would have a better answer than mine I am sure. Tomnod is not DigitalGlobe and while woven together at some areas they are separate identities. Tomnod is where we “volunteer” and help for whatever reason we individual’s choose to do so. We are teaching computers, if you will, to learn to look with a camera and see how we see with our eyes. We are bettering the world by volunteering because let’s face it a camera will never replace the logic of the human mind albeit I understand there are some places that are trying. I guess I volunteer to put the human face to the cause. Personally I volunteered to help, not even thinking in the terms of the profits of Digital Globe… I was helping with a environmental disaster. If it frees up cash that they would have to pay someone to improve their satellites and will eventually help people faster… way to go. I am sure they have the corporate charitable organizations they contribute to because when you have humans working for you they have passion about something. You can’t always be a boss you have to be a human sometimes. In closing I would mention that whenever we “the mass volunteering population” read something on the news, hear something on the radio… what do we do? We all come running for Tomnod and DigitalGlobe to start searching for whatever. How many times have they actually done that?! A lot! That is not done for free… we are talking tasking a freaking satellite… OMGosh that is NOT an easy process and then they have all these folks asking them to take their resources and time to help. I sorta figure that they are paying us in a way. Maybe one of the other Moderators knows where this is addressed or @HappyMapper will pop in and do a better job at answering this.”)


Global Forest Watch is the beneficiary of the Indonesia: Illegal burning campaign. You can read about our partnership here on their blog.

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