Remote sensing experience: Any other ways I can help?



I have experience with remote sensing, with a graduate degree in remote sensing and geography.

I would like to know if besides classifying images manually, if I could help by for instance downloading images and finding ways to do supervised classification or other techniques to help automate the searching of images? Or something else similar.

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@HappyMapper Cassie, Welcome to our Nodder Family.


WELCOME Cassie! Great to see a new face here at the TN forum. I and AKE235 are two of the Mods and @cageycat is the other. Feel free to ask if you need to know where to look for something. @HappyMapper is our “go to” person and in the event we can’t help you. It sounds like you have some great experience and hopefully can teach us how to be better “nodders”. See you around the forums! :coffee: