Replicated house (2 times)


@Mel_Nod hi,
map registration to topography caused a duplication of this house, it now appears :three: times.


I found that a while back, something looked strange but I couldn’t quite identify what it was that looked odd.
By the time I had actually realised I’d been looking at 3 copies of the same house, I’d moved on and couldn’t find it again!


I checked it out. I’ve included a screenshot of it with some annotation. The middle house is a mirrored image of the one above it. (See annotations for details.) The lower house is the true image. If you switch to the before photo, you’ll see a deep tree-filled ravine in dark shadows where the upper two houses, debris and small shed appear in the after photo. I say it’s a case of WV-4 looking cross-eyed at the house, giving the mirrored effect, then looking normally at it and giving the correct view. :rofl::roll_eyes:


WV-4 needs corrective lenses? So soon?

I vote for purple rims with green highlights. No tinted lenses though. She’s already famous.


Oh, here’s another possibility! Maybe someone slapped her on the back as they congratulated her on her little one she and WV-3 are having (see other topic) and she temporarily had a hiccup as she took this photo strip. :thinking::roll_eyes::slightly_smiling_face:


Maybe just dirt on her scanner bed?

In the 1970s-90s, people liked water beds. Satellites like scanner beds.

Today, some folks get bed bugs. Satellites get computer bugs… and dust.


… and dust bunnies?
Question: If one takes photos of stars, is that called “shooting stars?” :roll_eyes::grin: G’night! :sleeping:


:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: You guys, your humour is doing no good for my cough :mask:
But then again, maybe it is doing it some good :thinking: :upside_down_face:


Is it bringing anything up? :rofl::mask:


:nauseated_face: Do you really wanna know Jim :laughing:


I could say, "Of course! I’m so concerned about whether you’re coughing and moving the mouse as you tag a damaged house. Or I could say, “No, not really.” Or I could just say what’s on my mind (as I usually do and that’s what gets me into trouble) and say, “Well, I am concerned that you’re sick and wish you the speediest recovery.” Now after all that, are you bringing anything up? :rofl::grin:


:open_mouth: How did you know . . . . have you been spying :male_detective:
That has actually been a bit of bother when tagging and missed my target :rofl:
And yes, I am coughing it up :confounded: Doc has me on antibiotic and a short course of steroids . . . . great . . . . I can stay up, wide awake 'til 4:30 in the morning and sleep lying down, in a bed and still be up again wide awake at 6:30am :astonished: Wonder how long that’s going to last before I blue screen myself :slightly_frowning_face: I’ll see how it goes tonight before I reduce the number of these little pills, currently 6 each morning for seven days :grimacing:

Now I bet you’re sorry you asked :rofl:


Not sorry, but satisfied with your response. Keep on getting better! :mask::roll_eyes:


Hi folks,
Yes, this is a result of the high off-nadir angle resulting in landscape distortion (probably hilly here). More in this post:

Long story short, for disaster relief efforts, we often call on “less than ideal” imagery rather than have none at all. Think of these images as DG’s discount shelf in the back of the grocery store where the stuff is still good for this particular applicaiton :wink:



I grew up searching grocery stores for dented cans and 3-day-old bread. Nice analogy.

Sometime, I wish DG/TN would give us a rough idea of how much :money_with_wings: that DG spends on just 1 campaign. It is not cheap… even if some images are “less than ideal”. Not cheap to “turn” and retask a great big :artificial_satellite: either… plus computer time to download the strips, and personnel on the ground to seam…do all the good work for us…and then, analyze what we give back. Plus, teaching Server Johnny his shapes! Whew!!


Or like a “dented can” sale. :smile:

EDIT: Oops! After I hit “Post” I saw Cagey’s post immediately below Melissa’'s. Cagey’s parents and mine did the same things - dented cans, two- three-day old bread (great for bread pudding :yum::heart_eyes:), etc. My parents had to with at least 5 children at home at a time. When one was “married off,” another was born it seemed. :rofl:


This does bring up other questions, though…

When the Wv “children” create a scanned picture—

  • does DG ever put it up a strip on a wall, like a banner, so office visitors can see?
  • does DG have a trunk where Dr Scott puts the “kid’s” keepsakes?
  • If DG keeps the “less than ideal”, what happens to the “Oh My, how in the world did they do THIS?” otherwise called the “less of the less-less than ideal” … or called… “My kid is weird”… (I burned my first artwork. haha)


On second thought about the ssstaggerrred scannss, I wonder if WV3 had indulged on some starlight-Brandy… I can hear his scanner bed scooching sideways… eeeerk pause eeeek eerrrk eeerkkk pause erk erk erk erk …