Reset account please


@Mel_Nod I had to create a new account as I could not get back into the other one. Would like to have the two if they could reset please.


Thanks @Mel_Nod !! Back in!!


Why am I suddenly singing the Patty Duke theme song?


Wow! I haven’t heard that song in ages! I remember watching that show. Funny. I have to admit that every once in a while I’ll start humming or singing a song from an old TV show out of the clear blue sky. I guess that would qualify as a “random thought?” Hey! We have a topic with that name! :rofl:


Glad to hear that @TerriB and @TerriB2 are now functional again…

And to @cageycat for the trip down memory lane with that… I used to watch the show… but the one that sticks in my mind is the theme to ‘Mr. Ed’ but I don’t have a link handy nor am I inclined to look for one…

As for @Jim7, my Nodding playlist on Youtube changes, but also sticks in my mind from time to time… currently switches between Shakira’s “Try Everything” from Zootopia, to the theme of Lilo and Stitch… (He mele no lilo [sic] )… and hundreds of others it seems… so it is nice to have some favourites… sometimes too many though… but NOT earworms… I agree we could mention random mind pops over there… forget where I chatted with @EmeraldEyes about old ones I liked from that side of the pond… especially Gracie Fields doing “the Biggest Aspidistra in the World” Oh,that was a PM… I think but still fun.


Ta da

Voice of Mr. Ed


Thanks for posting that… I’ll keep refraining from posting " the Song that NEVER Ends " by Shari Lewis… that one is an EARWORM of the worst class… but a fun song… for little kids… Just thinking about it gives me pause… and the desire to go listen to " Try Everything " mentioned above… Need to get uptempo for a while… I already had a dose of “Biggest Aspidistra” but this isn’t the place right now for that… Maybe we could use a “Music to Nod By” thread…


I think a little over a year ago (maybe 2) @EmeraldEyes posted a link to some music to nod by. For the life of me I cannot remember in which thread, but it may have been the very first seal campaign we worked on. Not really sure. Guess I’ll have to do a little digging in some old threads.

And @cageycat, I think this thread is being hijacked! Lots of “off-topic” discussion here. :roll_eyes:

#9 Here’s one I get running around in my brain.


Yup…account reset…but topic hijacked!