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Blood Sweat & Tears - You’ve Made Me So Very Happy

(Heck, I just like the music. LOL)

BTW, this came up next: and I always loved the 2nd guy who just stood there as he HELD the note for ‘forever’.)


Now that’s the stuff I grew up on, although my weird taste ranged from B,S & T to Chicago, Santana, Buddy Holly, Rickie Valens, The Who, and all those, PLUS The Kingston Trio, The Buckinghams, … oh heck! I liked everything Rock n’ Roll, some Country & Western (although I wasn’t too keen on those singers with a lot of “nasal” to their voice :roll_eyes:), and just about every kind of music EXCEPT Rap! I remember the first time my son asked me to listen to a rap song. Now I’ve heard of ballads where the singer speaks the first few lines of the story and then goes into the singing, but with this song I was standing there waiting for the “singer” to actually start singing - which never happened! When it was over my grandson asked me how I liked it. I asked him, “Is there something wrong with this guy’s voice that he can’t sing?” My grandson laughed and to me that this was rap. All they do is talk in a beat. As I turned around I said, “Well, some of his lyrics were okay, some didn’t make any sense at all, and overall… I don’t like it at all!” I have listened to music from all over the world and the only thing I can’t stand is rap… and a few songs from West Virginia where the singers do more yelling than singing. :roll_eyes::rofl:


I’m with you on all those groups and singers. I would musically cringe if I had to live in… well, I should’t say here. Let’s just say I’d rather hear 2 furballs in a cat fight than some stuff people call music.

Musically challenged Domestic Breed,


Thanks so much for posting these. Definitely lifted my spirits. BST always sort of reminded me of the big bands with their full instrumentals and vocals. Their songs always had rich sounds and meaning to them. I’m with Jim7 , alot of the newer stuff has no real message or anything but a beat. Sure hope you hear from your sister real soon. Prayers and hugs.


I’d have to agree with that, too!


Imagine two furballs in a fight with a panda?? Hard to tell who’s who! BTW, the furballs in the lounge are HUGE! Those critters been dining on all of the Cheetos that has collected on the floor.