Satellite archaeology project in Afghanistan


This is an interesting article on a satellite (and drone) archaeology project in Afghanistan. It seems that there are more projects around the world using similar methods to GlobalXplorer’s.

To work on Afghanistan must be very hard, but “team members said they have more than tripled the number of published archaeological features in Afghanistan, to more than 4500” according to the article.

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And, of course, DigitalGlobe’s satellite pictures is an important part of the project.


:open_mouth: that first image in the article I remember from one of our past campaigns. I’m sure I queried this in a post here at the time:thinking: I remember tracking it on google maps :wink:


Do you remember finding this building?

That was 2 1/2 years ago, by the way :open_mouth:


Yes, I did find it on Google maps or Google Earth but can’t remember if I posted the co-ords on here or not or even an image for that matter. I just haven’t had the time to search through the old posts yet to if/where I posted it on here or even if it was on the FB group :thinking:

I do remember searching the internet for any information on it if it was an ancient ruin, maybe even as a tourist attraction but never found anything :frowning:

2 1/2 years ago sounds about right and it was before this post of Stilman_Hector_Danie
And that’s as much time as I have today, were off again for day 3 of our Christmas celebrations (thinking we’ve got tomorrow off :smiley: ).


Maybe some who have returned from holidays would be interested in reading this article (see at the top of this thread), so I’m bumping it.