Satellite Seals - Can you turn OFF the pink colored overlay inside the polys?


Poly lines are fine. But the pink color over the entire poly demands we hide the poly to see if there is red on the ice.

Can you turn off the pink overlay inside the bounds of the poly, so we see the ice without having to hide the poly?



I was thinking the same myself last night…and then at one point when I switched off the poly I found a seal under its border line :roll_eyes: :laughing:


TIP: I suppose for this particular campaign, one practice to employ is “if in doubt” select 1-Seals" to keep the tile open for further scrutiny from other nodders :thinking:

I only suggest this as I’ve come across the odd one I’ve not been too sure of and would rather keep it for further scrutiny by all in the actual tagging campaign.


Hi all, I understand your concern about the pink polygons. Seals (or whatever feature tomnod is looking for) can be concealed under the polygon boundary so we recommend flipping it on and off. The pink shading is beneficial in some of our other campaigns, so removing it isn’t an option at the moment.

Remember - you can quickly toggle the polygon on and off with the shift key!

Also - as for voting - please do your best to vote Seals or No Seals. Voting No Seals does not immediately remove that polygon from the crowd. We have a QA algorithm running that assesses consensus of both types - so we need your best possible guesses to keep your votes and the data accurate. Thanks!


Yes, when I thought about later that suggestion later I decided it was a moot point anyway, the majority vote will decide that anyway and then is further refined in the second stage when counting the seals. But then I thought I’d just leave it in as sometimes these things can kick off a more useful debate :wink:


Cageycat, When I toggle off the polygon, the pink shading disappears as well. Doesn’t it do that for you? I’m using Firefox as my browser.


Yep, but the wrists sure get sore with all that toggling. Had to ice my right hand overnight and half the day. 'Member, I had those breaks before. :frowning: owie

Em, if there is open water but I can’t tell if it is seals-rocks-or-shadows, I mark it as Seals. Let someone with better eyes decide in the wash.


Yep that’s what I’ve been doing :wink:


:frowning: I don’t seem to do all that much toggling; just keep my left hand on the shift key and my right on the mouse or number keypad :slightly_frowning_face:


I suppose another way to it, seeing as there are more polys without seals in them, would be switch the poly off until you see something and need to check it’s within the poly? What do you think, that way you would maybe reduce the amount of switching :thinking:


I’ve clicked on ‘No seals’ about 14 times, without the poly switched on, before I came across this one. And the 2 circled possibilities are outside the poly boundary when I switched it on.

We know the poly window is in the centre of the screen, so really there’s no need to have it on permanently, only until you come across maps with seals in them. And no risk of missing any that would otherwise be hiden under the thick border of the poly window. That could be the solution for you cagey :slight_smile:

Of course the, you also run the risk of occasionally spotting a seal/s and selecting #1 Seals forgetting to switch the poly on first to be sure they are inside the border :wink:


I only have a mini-mouse. Using numbers on an old computer would be too hard on my shoulder… crossing body with hand to reach the top row of keys.

My point was when there is red (blood) inside the poly, it can be hard to see that red under pink along water. That’s all.


I know what Cagey wants for Christmas! A new keyboard with a number pad on the right side. And you thought I was going to say a new computer, didn’t you? :rofl: Of course, a new mouse - maybe a voice-command self-propelled one sounds great too. Oh wait, they don’t make those… :confounded: We’ll come up with something… :thinking:


I detest right-side number pads. Puts my typing one-key-off.




I thought you’d reply about me being very “one off” LOL


I did! Didn’t you see the emojis?


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