Satellite Seals - Can you turn OFF the pink colored overlay inside the polys?


Hey! Cagey, Where’s Panda? :panda_face:


I thought on the way here but that was hours ago. Maybe go look under your bed, in the den… or kitchen?


Found her hiding in the Members Lounge, she was drying baby pup and herself off.


:open_mouth: You didn’t go and lose Panda did you Bob…shame on you :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yeah, If I don’t keep my eyes on her, at all times, she will disappear. That’s why I have her in the Member’s Lounge with a cache of Oreo cookies.


The Member’s Lounge :dizzy_face: Nooooo, you didn’t leave her in there did you :astonished:

Not that lounge with the padlock on that only a select few are allowed to enter :worried: That place is haunted :fearful:

Nobody ever goes there anymore :grimacing:

I called in about a month ago and the the dust bunnies were having a rave-up with the spiders and the ghosties had just moved in and were clocking on for the night…I renamed it the Ghost Lounge :smirk: