Satellite Seals (sounds better) :-) - Sights


long stem white rose (sideways)

Broken heart

one of the jerks from Casper The Friendly Ghost

A 2nd Casper friend comes out of the water

House and Hut in stone

Watch out! Bear’s Head / Black Paw; Broken Fish Pond

Star Lite, Star Brite, Is it Water at Night?

Snow Bridge over Antarctica

Pink Powder Puff Make-up Shop

Rock-Shipping Container Row

Lodge over River Cold-Rocks (Lodge on the left)

The Cake Decorator

Rock-Ice Cube (southwest of poly)

The lonely tiny iceberg - It floats on

Rocklocked ship

Snow-boat ! with wake (to SW of poly)

Giant Amoebas !

Bear-face licking paw

Teaspoon and a measuring cup

Giant Fish tries to eat Flipflop


OMG! have you ever been busy! So glad to get sign in back and running. It would have been nice if someone had given us a headsup that they were going to renew everything. You know I’m old and set in my ways. HEHE


'cos it’s got no seals :disappointed_relieved:


Hurry up and catch up Bev; the sooner we clear these polys, the sooner we can get back to tagging

Tag…cat-tag_your-daily-gif-blog …your IT by the way :smiley:


So glad we don’t have to search for seals in here



OH,man, I love it! So quintessentially CAT! Yes, Cagey, we are talking about you. Would like to see you do a flip and 180 such as the second cat does in this pic. Goo gettem, girl!


I’d rather tell where seals are NOT than try to see blobs of black that I cannot see. So, if an image is white, or spotty but not near water----> no from me.

But for this one—> Seal, look behind you! Blubber off that ice!


A Shooting heart :kissing_heart:



Cagey’s been in the catnip stash again that’s slightly fermented. :wink:



…just a tad too much perhaps :laughing:


Antarctic Lights? Collage qualifier?


Hey @Tomnod @HappyMapper

Our @Jim7 just found the first “city skyline” imprinted in Antarctica’s ice. Surely this warrants a Tomnoding award of some kind?

Whoo hoo ! :-:notes:



Bambi…outline… with wings

Ok, who played Tic Tac Toe (north of poly)

Giant’s Forefoot slipped under the Ice! Heel up, he’s buried in the snow!


Que imaginación tienes Cageycat!!!, increíble pero parecido a la realidad. Me has hecho reir y eso es un hermoso regalo.


I never even noticed that! I was too mesmerized with the sparkling lights! :star_struck:


Emiliano! ¡Mucho tiempo desde que te escucharon en el foro! Sí, Cagey tiene un don para hacerse reír de nosotros - incluso viejo gruñón! :grin:

Emiliano! Long time since hearing you on the forum! Yes, Cagey has a knack for getting laughs from us - even grumpy old me! :grin:


Jim, your buildings even have those blinking-light antennas on them (so seals don’t run out onto the building?) like airplanes need. Lightning rods might also be up there, but I can’t tell on these, being such tall skyscrapers. Snow on the roofs is blinding me, too. Anyone with a better viewing ‘angle’?


Thank you! That’s a sweet compliment to me.


In case anyone has a sweet tooth, here’s some rock candy (like we used to make as kids). :yum:
(From the poly, it extends upward and to the left, getting wider as you go.)


Em, I think that heart underwent cardio-conversion. You can tell from the EKG visual tracing-- see how the left side of the heart (look upside down, and reverse image) is quivering?