Satellite Seals (sounds better) :-) - Sights


Do you know how hard it is to look upside down and at the same time to look behind the screen to reverse the image? I got a charlie-horse in my neck! :frowning_face:


Say Jim, Where’s the Big Rock Candy Mountain? (1945, Burl Ives, 78rpm recording - Music to Nod by)


I think it got covered with snow and ice… This is Antarctica! :grinning:


Either that or all the seals ate the entire mountain range. No wonder some of those seals are, to be polite, grossly rotund and have a HUGE sweet tooth, excuse me, Huge sweet Tusks!.. -ake


On some black ice I found several perfect circles, a ringed circle and the date “1771” (with the first “1” slightly skewed to the left - like a coin’s platen moved when it was being struck. Oh, and never walk or skate on black ice! :wink:

And here’s a partially buried animal mask, head dress and costume. :thinking:

The mask (nose) is directly beneath the poly.


This looks like it would be more likely found in space as galaxies with a bluish light to them. Weird that it’s icebergs in the ocean.


Nurses practice it a lot, Jim. :wink: Of course, I can look cross-eyed, too.


I can too! Is that how you “reverse the image”? :roll_eyes::rofl:


Right eye reverses… left eye reverses it back. :smiley:


Okay, got’cha!:wink: But do I still have to look cross-eyed at it?


Just reverse the right-left and left-right, and you should be good to go!


Okay, will do! Now I just found two giant stone people sunning themselves - on chaise lounges - and one is waving to the satellite! Uploading as soon as I create a screenshot…


To West of poly… Tweety bird and Kitty Cat


For @EmeraldEyes’s collection, here’s one (maybe) you can use. A nice black and blue with bright highlights.


Bird of White Flight

Lion to the Right

Lady with pointy Chin (think 1800s) right off the coast

One for a collection— nothing like this @EmeraldEyes

Uh… PT boat with crew? I swear it looks like it! (dead center)

Is PINK landscape actually green? If not, what is this?


Definitely qualifies…that’s Cagey clawing at the snow Jim :sweat_smile:


Reminds me of Cinder Toffee or Kendle Mint Cake :yum:


How’s that Jim :wink:


2 not so happy looking bunnies there too Jim

(zoomed out to -5)


The animal mask looks like it could be a lion or hedgehog :wink: