Satellite Seals (sounds better) :-) - Sights


Meteor shower perhaps :upside_down_face:


Nice one Cagey :wink: That kitty looks all blinged out :laughing:


Looks like Japanese silk brocade :heart_eyes:


I had to wash my feet somewhere. :wink:


This article appearing on Science Daily explains how bacteria holds onto the ice in Antarctica. Interesting read.
Antarctic bacterium has one of the biggest proteins ever found
Protein used as an ‘anchor’ to grip on to the ice


Ew… should my feet be grossed out to pick up bacteria… or proud they contributed to bacterial colonies? LOL


Since most bacteria are beneficial, I’d say your feet should be proud that they’re spreading bacterial colonies all over. Another way to think of it is this: the more you walk, the less bacteria are still on your feet - unless you step in puddles and provide moisture for them to grow on your feet. :hushed: But staying up in the clouds doesn’t count - or help. :wink:


But clouds bring rain. I stick my paws inside clouds to stir up the particles and make it rain. Then, I can swish my paws under the rain without getting a full bath. LOL :cat; :ice_cream:


That made me laugh. When I was pushing my 3-year old granddaughter on the swing several days ago, she kept on wanting me to make her go higher. I told her if she went too high her toes would hit the bottoms of the clouds and make it rain. Then we would have to go inside. She still wanted me to push her higher because now - as she said - she was keeping her feet tucked beneath her. :rofl:


you don’t suppose she might be learning some of this stuff from her grandpa???


Of course she does - just the good stuff! :innocent: This afternoon a friend of my daughter-in-law stopped by with some baby things (clothes, toys, etc.). The two of them were talking about Brianna’s (the baby’s) feeding habits. The friend asked her when she (DIL) burbs her. My 3-year old granddaughter (Eva) jumped in and said, “Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.” Everyone laughed. When my DIL asked her where she got that from, the little scamp blew me in! :astonished:
When I went to the supermarket in the village today, they have machines outside to recycle glass and plastic bottles and aluminum cans. An elderly gentleman and his wife were methodically depositing bottles and cans into the machines. On the wall next to the machines is a sign “No Bicycles.” I walked up and said to the gentleman, “See that sign there? Do they really think someone is going to try and shove a bicycle into one of these machines?” The man looked at the sign, then at the machines. Slowly he started to smile, then laughed and said, “You got me!” His wife laughed as well. I walked away and headed back to my car without another word. They were still chuckling as I got into the car. And I didn’t even have to stay up all night to come up with that one! :rofl: So, oh yeah! I’m going to teach these girls a LOT! :innocent:


Em, that “chunk” of ice sitting near the top - just left of center - looks like a partridge with its back toward us.


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