Satellite specifications


Do campaigns ever use remotely sensed imagery outside of the RGB bands? Such as using NIR data to look at soil salinity in developing nations or other applications that escape me at the moment.


TN has had campaigns in which volunteers looked at wildfire images for burnt vegetation, burnt buildings and blocked roads. The healthy vegetation was always red in the images. Not sure if this is a form of NIR data or not. Incidentally one of the TN fire campaigns was for Adelaide Australia.



Hi @RemoteSensor,
In my time at DG, which is admittedly not very long, we have only used the RGB bands for crowdsourcing. That’s because the power or crowdsourcing is based in the power of the human eye and therefore RGB bands! :wink:

We often use non-RGB bands for automated, non-human detection of events like wildfires, but haven’t yet seen a good connection to our crowd. If you have any ideas, let’s bat them around!