Satellites (WorldViews & ISS)


I just checked and WV-4 is approaching Antarctica from the southern Indian Ocean. Interesting how one can actually watch it move around the world. I would have liked to see if I can see it pass through my sky, but it’s due to pass over at 9:51 in the morning. I’ll have to check both the website ( and the weather forecast for a good match. Currently overcast and snowing here.


Oh! So THAT is where WV4 went. :wink: He promised to pause over NE USA so Pan & I could take his picture in the moonlight. But he never showed up. We waited and waited and waited to see his metallic mug… Bet he’s been hanging out on the Satellite Loop. I hear it’s some kind of wild nightclub that’s open 24hrs a day and you don’t go “in” it but ride “on” its path.


The snow has stopped and the clouds are just starting to break up a little, very little! But now the wind is so strong it’s howling in the trees - Brrrrr!!! Temp is supposed to go down to 20F/-6,6C tonight. When the dogs asked to go out, I went with them and caught a glimpse of Orion. Rigel has just dipped below the tree tops to the west, but the rest of the constellation is visible for a couple of minutes at least. More clouds moving in from the west. But Betelgeuse is sitting nice and high. For some reason, Sirius has always been one of my favorite stars - maybe because it’s so bright white? But then again, I do very much like the red stars. Okay, I guess I’m pretty easy to please when it comes to stardom! :slight_smile: I’m taking the online course "In The Night Sky: Orion. Right now I’m playing catch-up as I got way behind when my two granddaughters came down sick - one right after the other! By the time they got well, I was sort of exhausted and had to get more than my usual 4 hours of sleep. :sleeping:
But to stay on topic, I plan on checking for not just WV-3, WV-4 and the ISS visits across my “neck of the sky,” but for those satellites that are considered the brightest around 30 minutes before sunrise and sunset. I remember catching sight of a satellite once (a few years ago) and watched it slowly cruising across the sky. By the time I lost sight of it, I could hardly move my head and neck… Guess I should have laid down on the ground to watch, but then I’m sure the dogs would have thought I wanted to play with them! :smiley:
EDIT: Oh, and WV-4 in just leaving northern Canada and heading out over the Arctic Ocean. But, it’ll be back! :grin: