Saving your posts


Replace your Tomnod name where the xxxxx are –

( )

Look on Left side panel, at the bottom. It says Download All (of your posts).

It will send a notice to you via PM. You will have 48 hrs to click the file to download it.

.tar.gz files are archives

You can (should) just put the file somewhere that you’ll know where it is.

I’ve not tested it yet to see what’s in mine.

Note: No one else’s posts are included.

P.S. These can be big files. Make sure you have enough room or move it to a back up drive first…

By the way, set a schedule to do this at least every year. It will likely save from the beginning each time though. ?


I downloaded mine a few days ago and it was only 3.2MB. I’ve been a member - and posted quite a bit - since 2015, so I don’t think the file will be too large, especially since I think it will only contain the text portions of your posts, not any photos you’ve included. Even if it did include the photos, my file wasn’t that large. I haven’t had time to view what is in mine yet, but I will let you know what’s in it when I do.
Now I have to get to bed - early for a change. :sleeping:


I’ve done that now cagey, so I’ve got myself a .csv.gz file but I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with it now :laughing:

Can I open it with something else :thinking:


Question : what would be the purpose of saving them?


If you want a copy. Not mandatory, just if you want to save them yourself.


As Cagey mentioned to me, to save my “stories.” That’s what made me want to save my posts. Besides, it gives me a chance to look back in time to when I may have suddenly “turned nutty!” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I managed to download mine and my son unzipped it, so it opens in Excel as a spreadsheet. Don’t know that I’ll find much use for mine but it was a learning exercise if nothing else :wink: