Scoop on "campaigns"!


You must be thinking of winter chains, Jim. I don’t think Tb wanted us to mark any of those, just the tires. Just thankful we don’t have to measure treads!


Or tally the number of highway treads, mud & snow, and snow treads. Just imagine how long we could spend on one tile doing all of the above (and in the above posts as well). Enough to either keep us busy for the rest of our lives or drive us mad. :crazy_face:


I thought some of us were already happily “mad”? ra ha la ha ha!

Pink poly pot warmer, anyone?




You did see these 2 “campaigns”, right? Make sure they’re recycled after Texas is done. We all worked so hard on our humorous comments in this thread, would hate if the campaigns went wheels up or slipped underwater.

We were spinning our wheels for a time on the first one— no traction on rims. But we quickly drove ourselves up to nearly 50% completion.

We wondered if Tomnod was just fishing with this 2nd campaign, especially with counting by colors. The hulls of our speculations were weakening. We didn’t think this campaign would float. We’ve managed to get it to 43% done.


:open_mouth: Where does it say that…have you got yourself some kind of crystal ball :crystal_ball:


Think maybe Cagey and one of Tomnod’s staff have a little something going on? :kissing_heart::roll_eyes:


Ooh, hush, hush, wink, wink, say no more :wink: :rofl:


Hey, Umbrella Dude, after 2 weeks, I’m guessing that nobody, in this massive flotilla, can find your paramour to give her the water. She must be very thirsty by now.


Is that my blue sparkly ball I lost in California??


Pan was panting so I gave her and the baby water and some frozen flavored ice.


Thank You, Cagey. Frozen flavored ice? oooooooo What flavor, green apple, grape or bamboo?


Oops blush3…erm…No! embarrassed3


Grape-Bam-Boo = Baby Pan loves the taste, as much as the name.