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H. Maria - Dominica - Interesting sights

2018 - H. Maria - Interesting sights from Dominica and Puerto Rico

Okay, why is the tomnod intro bar appearing above this photo?
Edit: the double parentheses! But how do you get the double parentheses not to show up?
Also, is there another way to get a picture to post other than taking screen shot and uploading it. Can I make the picture show up with the link?


When my laptop was running, I used Firefox and had an app, Fireshot Pro, which would capture the screen, show it and let you crop whatever you didn’t wish to show. You could also insert arrows and text as well as boxes, and draw free-hand. Then you could save it to whatever filename you wished to give it. On my son’s laptop he uses Google Chrome for his browser and no such app - just “print screen.” In order to do all what Fireshot did instantly, with Chrome you have to save the file, open MS Paint or some other program, open the file, do what you want and save it again. Then you can upload it. That’s why my posts since the end of January all have all the “extras” that are on my screen. It takes too much time to go through all the above for every one. I miss my Firefox and Fireshot app! :slightly_frowning_face:


Oh, that’s a lot of work - I’ll just do the screen shot.


That’s what I’m doing - for now.


Instead of (before a link), just type a space, then paste in the link.

However, for image uploads, the system adds and needs the (around the link).


Cagey, What Kate did was a screen shot which captures everything on her screen - address bar, task bar, system bar, as well as everything on the webpage for the map tile. She was trying to figure out how to get rid of all that “junk” and just upload a ‘nice clean’ photo. Unless she zoomed out and then cropped the Tomnod stuff out, that would be the only way to get a photo without the “extras.” :wink:


I use Snippet. Seems to work for me with Chrome.


I’ll check that out and ask my son if I can add that app. It is his laptop after all. :neutral_face:


Kate do you have MS Windows? They have a nifty little cropping too called Snipping Tool; you’ll find it somewhere like here “C:\Windows\System32\SnippingTool.exe” in you system if you have.

Handy little gadget to crop and paste direct into your posts without all the fiddling and faffing around saving and cropping screen shots…that’s just not for me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.
You just highlight the area you want by dragging a crosshair over the area to be captured…

…and paste (Ctrl+v) directly into your post!..
…voilà! image
You also have the option to save it and it has some very basic editing tools…and when I say “basic” I mean a pen to write free style, a highlighter pen and an eraser…that’s it!
…If you want anything more in the way of editing you’d have to save and open it in MS Paint/Photoshop/or whatever :wink:

I find it particularly useful when it’s to post something I don’t necessarily want to keep… so I don’t have to be cluttering up my folders and clearing out so often.


Thanks @EmeraldEyes! I actually use my IPad for Tomnod, but I didn’t know about the clipping tool in Windows. That is very useful to know. I should look for a clipping app that will work on the iPad :thinking:


Nod. :smile: I was responding to her first question, “Edit: the double parentheses! But how do you get the double parentheses not to show up?”


I’ll ask my daughter tonight if she knows one as she’s always using hers for her art/homework/music/whatever :wink:


I use a Mac laptop, can you use the same procedure on the ipad? The first image is using the cmd-shift-3, the second image is cmd-shift-4 and you select the area you want to screenshot…hope this helps!

Action Keystroke
Take a screenshot of the entire screen Cmd-Shift-3
Take a screenshot of a selected area Cmd-Shift-4 and Drag over an area.


Hi Kate, as promised, I did ask my daughter what she uses and unfortunately it sounds the same as you, takes a screen shot which pops up down in the corner, tap on it and it goes into the photo editor and you do whatever with it there I’m afraid :neutral_face:

Out of curiosity, I did have a look around on the net but no joy there either :frowning:


Thanks for looking @EmeraldEyes :grin:


@kateg, I found a few free screenshot apps for Chrome. Here’s a link to the article which has descriptions and download links (from Chrome Store). I didn’t realize that Fireshot also has a version for Chrome. Here’s the link:
I’m going to check these out as well. :wink:

EDIT: I came across some more screenshot apps that will work with Chrome - and some for Firefox. A few will also work on Macs.
Awesome Screenshot
Gadwin Printscreen
GreenShot (FREE)
Nimbus Screenshot
Screenshot Captor (FREE w/Registering to a forum)
Screenr (FREE)

There are others out there also, some free… some paid… some “make donation”.


Thanks Jim!-----------


iPad IOS 11.3.1 update now takes you to an editor screen right after you take a screenshot where you can crop, highlight with markers, etc. before saving. This means you don’t have to exit and open the screenshot in another app! :grin: