SE Asia Flooding - Loads to complete black



No maps, no movement to get to the map. Can’t decrease to -3 or -5 to see any map.
Fade to black


Same here. I’ve tried different browsers with no success.


Yeeps sorry guys! This campaign is not ready at all - haven’t loaded the imagery, as you can see. We didn’t mean to post to the homepage. It should be down now.

Appreciate you guys letting us know about our goof! Where would we be without you?

We are not sure we have good imagery for this campaign (where relevant impacts and features can be found). That’s one thing we’re still trying to evaluate.


Everyone, start blowing the :cloud: s :cloud: s :cloud: s away. Come on, just put your lips together and blow. :stuck_out_tongue:

WV3 ? or 4? Come on, get your nadir lined up and run the images again. :scanner bed sounds: :artificial_satellite: Look for heaps in front yards!

One day, Dr Scott will figure out how to use the satellites to detect teeny balls of mercury on the land’s surface, or leaking chemical containers… Will we need a “Poison” Tag for Houston maps?


In the Members’ Lounge with Pan? :grin:


Looks like we broke it. :wink:


Yeah, Buddy!!!


You broked it “Again”! :roll_eyes: ComputerReprogramming

You got all me excited just then (well, it’s not really “exciting” but you know what I mean) when I thought we had a new campaign up :disappointed:


Waiting…Waiting…WAITING… Please hold



But I’d prefer to listen to this